Wednesday, March 22, 2006

IRS plans to allow preparers to sell data

Well another piece of chit has hit the fan.  If they are allowed to sell us out then we are screwed.  I have a few questions though...
1.  Will tax prepares be allowed to include previous clients? 
2.  Will clients be able to opt out and really be safe?
3.  Will tax prepares have a limit to the info they are allowed to sell?
I don't know how you feel about this but I have to answer all of these questions as no. My reasons?  Because the Bush administration doesn't give a damn if our info is out there or not.  As a matter of fact judging on previous matters concerning our information I believe they want our information out there.  Plus they are doing everything possible to get our information out there. If they didn't want our information made public they wouldn't have all of these loop holes when it concerns our information.  So if you think that just because you opt out you are safe?  You haven't got a snowball's chance in hell.  The major thing to look for after the IRS is cut loose to do as they please with our info is a "ahem" security breech on a computer.  Our Social Security numbers are fixing to mean nothing.  Even though we have been told all of these years to protect them. It is fixing to be the end of them because this type of breech will hurt all Americans.  I am sure right now somebody has plans to hit these computers hard.  Plus the ones selling our information will find loopholes to go after our info with a vengeance.  We are truly screwed if this is allowed. 
I am curious as to why they even mentioned this in the first place?  See they passed some laws a time back to stop the spam, and give us a way to opt out of the phone calls etc.  Why would they pass laws to allow the IRS to sell us out like this when they know how this information will be used?  See how much our Government really cares for its citizens now?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Torn-up Credit Card Apps Not So Safe... Shredders are not either

First you have to read this: The Torn-Up Credit Card Application  Then you have to go here to see the results: TORN-UP CREDIT CARD APPLICATIONS AREN'T SAFE  But this here proves that a shredder is no better unless you take a second step that I came across online.  plus a few steps I outline below Read this: First three sentences of the fourth paragraph read:  
This was the situation up until November 1979 when Iranian students seized an entire archive of CIA and State Department documents, which represented one of the most extensive losses of secret data in the history of any modern intelligence service. Even though many of these documents were shredded into thin strips before the Embassy, and CIA base, was surrendered, the Iranians managed to piece them back together. They were then published in 1982 in 54 volumes under the title "Documents From the U.S. Espionage Den", and are sold in the United States for $246.50.
Today ...  The technology now exists to scan fragments of documents en-mass and piece them together semi-automatically in electronic format. Some human interaction is still required, but it is much faster and easier than the Iranian effort. It was said somewhere on the internet that the Iranian students laid out the shredded documents on the floor of gymnasiums and pieced the documents back together. The electronic way of doing this today is being done to restore ancient manuscripts but I'm sure it's being done in the covert and criminal fields as well with shredded documents.
So what is that step you can do to protect yourself a little better?   When you shred documents you have a tendency to shred all at once, and then discard all of the shredded docs at the same time in one or two bags.  Don't shred in this matter.  I say shred it at the same time but if you have some serious docs that if they got into the wrong hands it could be real trouble...  I say grab a few hand full's of the shredded material, and place these in a separate bag for disposal at a later date.  Or take a few hand full's of the shredded material, and mix it in with the next batch of shredded material, grabbing you a hand full from each batch.  You can always burn this material after shredding this.  But most people live in areas where you can't burn.  Unless you know where a local consumer incinerator is located, and can afford to use it, then you can't burn.  You could add a new step to the extra material like throwing scrap foods, or even cheap cleaners, or even bleach.  Any liquid other than water unless you plan to stir up a brew of paste out of the shredded material.  Just be creative with it.   Placing a small amount in each nights trash, is also a good idea, then discard what is left of the bag at a later date.  OH! Using the shredded material in kitty litter boxes, and kennels is also a wise choice. 

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Project SERPO

Project SERPO has a website that claims that the USA is very much involved in ET research, and discovery.  So much involved to where the USA launched in a UFO 12 military personnel to go to their planet stay for 13 years then come back to earth.  Two of these personnel died on their planet.  Two did not return to earth.  Reasons were not given for them not returning.  Is this all myth? A story that a few concocted to get attention?  Or is this all for real? 

If it is for real.  I don't believe planet earth is in any danger.  If we was, we would of met that danger many years ago when the first UFO reports, and pictures hit the news stands, and book stores.  The postings on Serpo, are very intriguing.  You have many military personnel, and even some top dogs stating that they can account for certain parts of other post being true because either their dad was there, or they was there, and or they had seen first hand this evidence. Some it seems to have come out of the closet so to speak, to now recount certain stories their dads told them, or other family members about ETs, and UFOs, and the Serpo project.  


You have to visit  Serpo  and read through this.  If your thinking maybe that this is all ludicrous and not worth your time or effort.  Have a open mind.  All the evidence is there, you can do your own research and decide on your own if there is any truth to it. 

Below is a excerpt from American Chronicle Article


The Project SERPO information, whether accurate or inaccurate, might make us think about the brave and dedicated people in our military, intelligence and scientific communities.

If extraterrestrial craft did crash in New Mexico in 1947, it would have posed a tremendous shock and worry for our national security authorities. If they did establish positive diplomatic relations with these visitors and an exchange program, that was quite an accomplishment.

If any of this is true, many people wonder about what has happened in the decades since. The reports of the U.S. acquiring advanced technology make sense. The secrecy surrounding the situation also makes sense.

What other information and experiences were gained by Americans involved in these kinds of programs? Did we stay on a moral and spiritually sound path in dealing with visitors from another planet?

The information on the Web site and from many other sources gives us a few clues on these and other questions. If Anonymous and his friends and associates continue to provide us with more information, we can continue to think further about these kinds of ideas and concepts.

Again, whether true, false or partially true, these accounts of an alleged program like Project SERPO can help us grow as human beings and help us gain a better perspective on the dangers of our own making that we face.

If the stories are true, we could also learn more about the way physics, time and Nature function. We might learn about possibilities for further human development, our place in the Universe, Heaven and the mysteries of a Great Spirit.