Monday, January 30, 2006

The Internet is becoming harder to use for the handicapped

Yes folks it is.  You have seen them for yourself.  The ones that think using just flash to build their websites is so cool they make their whole websites in flash only.  They forget the ones using text to speech software.  Or... are they ignoring them?  Everyone spews of making the Internet more resourceful. Chock it full of content, and use lots of eye candy.  But no one I believe has even considered whom will loose the most if this happens.  If you use flash on your website, then you are crippling the blind, the ones that are paralyzed, the ones that have muscle diseases, and the ones that have severe nerve diseases. This is just naming a few of the ones you will hurt.
If the Internet keeps on the same path then one day these people will no longer have their outlet.  They will be forced off the Internet.  Not even the best of text to speech software will be able to help them.  As of right now there are 57,600,000 flash pages online when I did a search on Google.  I don't know the percentage of how many of these are full flash websites, or how many of these consist of just one page etc.  I do know that I have come across many websites that now are full flash, and they have no alternate link included for those that prefer nonflash.  Is your website one of these full flash websites? 
 The ones to really miss out the most are the blind.  They miss out because the text to speech can only read out loud what the page is about if your descriptive enough. This includes pictures that have alt text.  Yes these software are getting better at reading text, but they allocate so many dollars to be in a grant to go towards users that need this type software.  If there is no grants available, then they have to use a alternate method to read text online.  The software is very expensive.  The cheap or free ones only read you can't edit etc, I haven't come across one as of yet that was free or reduced price that would read pages and allow them to work online also on documents etc.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 standard is $99.00 for the cd version limited because it only works with a very few software.  their Preferred version is $199.99 on cd and has a list of software it will work with.  The best way to find out how limited a handicapped person is online, is to try the software out.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8  You can install Lynx Browser Lynx Browser  this will give you some idea on what the blind have to face online.  But for every text to speech software there is, there are limitations depending on the version, rather if its a lite version or full, etc.  Why do they get the lite version? Because this software is not cheap.  same goes if the text to speech software is very old.  And Lynx can only be used as a example  for you to see what a text to speech will pic up.  If you don't see the page on Lynx, then they wont pick up the page on a few of the text to speech software for the blind.   Synapse list quite a few software for you to check out that is geared towards a person depending on their handicap. Some of this software has a trial version.  Actually most do. 
You should be setting up alternate WebPages not using flash or fancy script.  We have brilliant minds online struggling to get content. They may have less than a perfect body, but they deserve to have a Internet just as much as you do.  Lets please don't forget them. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jay Leno doesn't get it!

On tonight's broadcast of the Jay Leno Show. Jay Leno Show Jay was trying to make jokes and talk about the impending search that was bestowed against Google. What Jay leno said was "The FBI wants Google to send them 1,000,000 porn sites."  Sorry Jay, you don't get it.  It's not 1,000.000 porn sites, its 1,000,000 web searches that consumers are asking of Google to look up for them.  Incase you are wondering why they want them is to see if they are targeting porn or if the searches themselves are bringing up sites not related to Porn, or are porn, but being brought up in searches using key words not related to porn.  Or at least this is how I understand it.  Better luck next time Jay. 

Saturday, January 21, 2006

RIAA and MPAA's attempts to freeze the progress of consumer electronics technology

"The EFF's Deeplinks section has a pretty alarming post about the RIAA and MPAA's attempts to freeze the progress of consumer electronics technology and then start turning back the clock on all of us. Fair use, meet your successor: "customary historic use."

The post points to broadcast flag draft legislation sponsored by Senator Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) that contains provisions which appear to limit digital broadcast media reception devices to "customary historic use of broadcast content by consumers to the extent such use is consistent with applicable law and that prevents redistribution of copyrighted content over digital networks." In other words, if it does anything heretofore unheard of with the digital content that it receives, then it's illegal. And if it does anything "customary" that could also possibly lead to unauthorized redistribution, then it's also illegal. So all the bases are covered! .."

So, if you were planning to launch a startup and make millions off the coming digital broadcast media revolution by inventing the next iPod or by combining digital radio with Web 2.0 and VoIP and Skype and RSS and WiFi mesh networks, then forget about it. When digital broadcast nirvana finally arrives, the only people who'll be legally authorized to make money off of music and movies are the middlemen at the RIAA and the MPAA.
If the RIAA and MPAA's attempts to ban any new content for the software industry, and Techo gadget Industry.  It could put a tail spin on Technology that even Oliver Lodge (later Sir Oliver) wouldn't of been able to save if he was alive today.  Good bye to all new devices, news media devices, and good bye to even a few companies because their livelihood is built around this technology.  Apple will be non existent too.  Sony will loose, So will any new innovations trying to come on board. This website claims it wont be that bad.  But who is going to pay the bill for the ones that depend on this type  new Technology to stay running?  What they are doing, is stopping the technology all together to create a barrier so that new innovation no longer is a word used in the business.  They know it too. 
Now I ask the singers, and bands, and entertainment professionals that entertain everyone, and do a swell job of it too.  Now is your first clue to watch this bill if it gets passed if you have any sense in your head that God above gave you... you will use this law to benefit yourselves too.  After all most of you still barley get a paycheck while the record companies and the RIAA and  MPAA's are , swimming in YOUR money, laughing all the way to the bank.  If they pass this law they will have no excuse but to pay you better. 

Monday, January 16, 2006

Fears raised over digital rights

"A UK consumer watchdog has called for new laws to protect users' rights to use digital music and movies."
"Consumers face security risks to their equipment, limitations on their use of products, poor information when purchasing products and unfair contract terms"
I have said all along to myself that the consumer was getting a bum deal.  Plus it seems as though the EULAS were getting ridiculous.  I don't think they should end on just music and movies but also include software.  All digital content.  Grab all of them by the heels. Think how they are hurting everyone all because of their greed, and unfair use polices. The software industry is getting out of hand too.  There are no laws in place. They can pretty much say as they please in the EULAS and the consumer has to bite their upper lip, and deal with it, or not make the purchase.  What few laws that are in place for the purchase of Cds are being ignored by the manufacturers. After Sony's little stunt, you now can add to this security risk, and illegal downloading to a consumers computer. The software industry needs to be regulated. Consumers have rights too, and it just seems as though the consumer has taken a back seat when it comes to their music, movies, and software. It's all about the manufacturers, to hell with the consumers. Also I really do hope that the United States, or everywhere for that fact, also has the common decency to come up with their own "fair users rights" laws. 

Friday, January 13, 2006

Consumers warned to avoid Brazilian diet pills

I am right up with the rest of the Americans wondering... "How will I purchase the medicine I need, and be able to eat too every month?"  This can't be sugar coated because this problem of medicine being too expensive has been going on for years now.  The Government is not helping us that much.  They are only turning a already problem into a nightmare. 
My heart is sad because I saw a lady on TV asking how will she get her medicine this month because her paperwork has not showed up as of yet, and the help she was receiving told her she was on her own now. 
I am in the same boat as she is in.  My paperwork has not arrived either.  I signed up for something that I have no clue to what or whom they are, and what to expect.  All I know is for now on my free samples will not be coming anymore, and signing up for the different drug companies is not a option that my doctor supports anymore.  At least its not supported if you are on Medicare.  I am about to sink here because I know I am up creak without a paddle.  There is no one I can go to keep from drowning.
If I had the money myself I would help the women I saw on TV, and other people like her.  Her meds are precious to her.  They keep her alive.  It's going to be a cold winter this year.  Many will freeze to death.  Those that don't freeze will die because their meds stopped coming.  
I just hope and pray they don't go to the internet to find their prescriptions, and end up in worse shape than what they are in.  Overseas the drug companies (or so I heard) are known to put additives in the drugs that can cause heart, kidney, and liver failure.   
So basically we're having to pick our poison wisely.  Those that do have a option should be thankful.  They are truly blessed.  The rest of us are screwed like usual.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Felony?

 On Wednesday morning, Forchione filed a felony criminal charge of disrupting public services against Michael W. Stone,  age 18.   “Michael said it was a joke,” Forchione said. “We showed him how we deal with this kind of joke.”  It’s not the first time local officials have investigated situations where students are misusing computers. Forchione noted a 2005 case in which four Jackson High School students were charged with misdemeanors after being caught accessing the school computer system. Some grades were changed.
At Techdirt over 47 replies have hit the page on this subject.  Most are saying that this is a unfortunate event to happen to this boy, the punishment doesn't fit the crime.  One poster says:
Re: dos is dos
by Samuel Walter on Saturday, January 7th, 2006
our assertion that the student's actions constitute an attempted Denial of Service (DoS) attack is ridiculous. The student simply posted a comment on a public blog, not operated by the school, requesting that others go to the site and refresh the content. Regardless of his intentions, all he did was tell people to visit the site. He didn't setup flood bot, he didn't coordinate a distributed attack, and he didn't take advantage of or even mention possible weaknesses to exploit. Again, all he did was ask people to visit the site and refresh the content. At the most, the boy's actions equate to harassment and could have been remedied by simply talking to him.

Charging this boy with a FELONY is reckless, and irresponsible, and illustrates incredible ignorance by the school, the police, and the prosecutor. Furthermore, the actions taken and comments made by the prosecutor demonstrate his own brazen arrogance, poor judgement, and malice. If convicted of the charge this boy, who is just beginning his life, will carry the burden of being a "convicted felon" until he dies or is absolved by a higher court. Here's a sample of the collateral consequences his conviction would bring:

  • Ineligible for student loans and other financial aid.
  • Ineligible for most jobs requiring licensing by state or federal government (i.e. teacher, doctor, architect, lawyer, electrician, real estate broker, stock broker).
  • Ineligible for governmental employment.
  • Prohibited for possessing firearms.
  • Must disclose "convicted felon" status on employment applications.
  • Loses the right to become an elector and cannot vote, hold public office, or run for public office.
  • Potential disqualification from applying for public housing and other social services.
  • Potential disqualification from applying to be a foster parent.
  • Potential disqualification from adoption applications.

    Even if this boy is exonerated and the charges are dropped or dismissed, he will have been put through a process reserved for those accused of the highest order of crime defined by law. The prosecutor's rash decision to file felony charges without first consulting with a technology expert is reprehensible. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear he lacks the sound judgement and integrity that is necessary to competently represent the People of his municipality. He should resign from or be removed from his post, and be replaced by someone who will represent the People with the integrity and consideration they deserve.


    Samuel Walter
    Network Engineer / Security Analyst

  • Thank you Samuel Walter for your post.  I agree totally here.  The police department is prosecuting a boy for a crime that not even the school, police department, or their so called tech savvy people have any knowledge of what they are doing.  Much less could tell any one of us exactly what this boy did that was wrong.  If they had of known exactly what this boy had done, then they never would of filed felony charges against him.  They would of filed mischief charges instead. As I posted a reply on this website below.  They all need to go back to kindergarten instead to brush up on computer skills.

    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    JFK assassination 'was Cuba plot'

    A new documentary exploring the death of John F Kennedy claims his assassin was directed and paid by Cuba.

    Rendezvous with Death, based on new evidence from Cuban, Russian and US sources, took three years to research.

    One source, ex-Cuban agent Oscar Marino, said Havana had exploited Lee Harvey Oswald, who was arrested but shot dead before he could be tried...


    Read the rest here: JFK Conspiracy Theories