Sunday, June 12, 2005

FCC Rules broken?

It has always been my thoughts that the FCC was born in order to protect the consumer. The laws they set forth are there also not only to protect the consumer but to protect the public at large. This protection extends all the way down to the very ones they are protecting us from!
This is a very hard subject to tackle by anyone. The FCC to me has one of the hardest jobs there is on this planet. It's a balancing act. You have to protect free speech, set rules and then decipher if any of the laws set forth are stepping out of bounds. Free speech on television is one of these rules.
It seems that as fast as you try to fix a broken law, the faster someone comes along to try to tell you everything wrong with it. Take for instance the laws that the FCC have recently put their foot down on. Television decency. Or what ever you want to call it. To make this short of what its about is it just boils down too no x rated, or vulgar language etc in prime time. Am I for this? To a certain extent. I am not sure if the guide lines are as straight forward as they should be on the matter, and because everyone's views of what clean content should be is different then who is to say that down the road that this could eventually get out of hand?
The thing though I want to discuss is the content of certain info commercials. Plus their record of sales etc to the public.
It is clear to me that info commercials are getting out of hand. I don't mean all of them either. Some of them are very legit businesses, whom care about their customers. Others you wouldn't do business with if your life depended on it. I wont sugar coat this. I believe the FCC has the right and the obligation to protect the public from the info commercials that blatantly are corrupt. You know the ones that take your money and run, are doing nothing but offering a pyramid scheme, and have a very poor report with the BBB. The complaints on some of them are ramped. But you still see their info commercials on TV. I want it stopped. While to public has to sit through these info commercials, a consumer is being ripped off. If the FCC cares so much for the public then why aren't they stopping this fraud? Not everyone knows about this fraud, and not everyone knows the schemes that these people are pulling. It's time that the FCC went after them. They claim they are cleaning up television. Ok lets see the FCC really clean up Television. protect the public FCC. Get rid of these bogus rip off's that are on the television. If they have a bad record selling to the public then ban them from our Television screens. Make them clean up their act. Give the ones that really have the public in their interest that air time.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who has the right to complain?

I am so amazed at people sometimes. I had asked a few people that complain how the Government runs the Country. Out of ten I asked, only two were registered voters, and only one of them voted this year. Excuses I heard? "It doesn't matter who I vote for... they will put who they want in office regardless if I like em or not." "Both candidates suck so it doesn't matter if I vote or not." Those were the two most popular reasons for not being a registered voter. One other that amazed me was this one... "No way will I register I am not serving on Jury Duty. "
But a good majority of them were displeased in how the President was doing. They had plenty to say about what was wrong. But they didin't vote, or they wasn't even registered to vote. So tell me... What gives them the right to complain? Is it enough to be a American to be able to complain anyway? They say they have every right to complain because they ARE American. Do they really have that right?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Can you spell RFID?

'contactless chip' = RFID and 'proximity chip' = RFID There is no difference folks. And hang onto your hats because our very nice elected Government is putting this crap in passports. Which will put all those abroad at risk. Why? Because the chips in passports will not have any of those digital secure security features, that our own elected officials will have in theirs. Homeland Security Department "We want it to be compatible," she said, "with as many reader devices used by other countries as possible." Hogwash is what I say. Tell em to get off their buffs and enter into the 21st Century. Better yet trash the idea because Technology is not ready for this as of yet. They can't even secure a computer. And they want to broadcast private info on a contactless chip. Give me a break!

OH! and Homeland Security Department if you really care alot for your fellow Americans who helped you get that job. The least you could do is give us all the same type of security protection that you have. Not like you will listen to us when we say your making a big mistake with that chip. But you can't honestly say that no one will be able to pick up that signal or not. You don' know, and even if they can't today, you should at least be honest enough with the public, and let them know that tomorrow someone will have a device built just for those chips, and every person that they get info from will be at risk. The question is "Will it be just a few, or a few thousand, or more?" This contactless chip technology is no different than the computer you have in your office and someone out there is getting all happy just thinking about hacking it. It wont be just a few hundred or a few thousand either. Just visit your nearest airport, and see if you can get a good idea of the ones coming and going. So many of those have a passport on them, now multiply this ten fold. Because this wont be in one general area it will be a multitude of areas, and sure wont be very easy to catch. Bye the time you find out the damage is already done. You are at great risk if you feel otherwise.

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment