Friday, September 26, 2008

Dream a little Politics

  • Candidate Barack Obama Democrat
  • Candidate John McCain Republican
            Well the election is almost upon us.  We are down to two candidates. The mud slinging is high on the chart.  The lies are outrageous, and common place.  Even though many Americans never believes the crap spewing from the mouths in the ads.  As always the media is eating it up.  In the meantime our economy is at it's lowest level sense the great Depression.  Don't you just love Politics?  It's the only time a person can say a mouthful, and the mouthful be nothing but a pack of lies and deceit.  It's suppose to sound good.  They get brownie points for everything that comes out of their mouths. Each and every word spewed could mean getting the Presidency or not.

            Perhaps they should of set the election up as a major film debut?  Whom ever can get the most words in edge wise in forty minutes that relates to what they "might" like to do for the USA.  Along with their full work history and with paperwork to prove it.  Must have medical history, and any paperwork on shady miss doings rather if you have been convicted or not.  Put it out in movie form, and stay out of the media we just want the facts sheets, and movie. Then distribute the movie world wide.  Free! It should come in a DVD jewel case as well so people can view it twice if they want too. Include the background history paperwork in the jewel case!

            Oh shoot! Can't a person dream?  After all that's about all we will get out of these candidates.  We will be lucky to see half of their spewed promises become reality.  The rest is just a mere dream.
          • Sunday, July 13, 2008

            Thanks firefox!

            I was part of the world record. I just thought it was so cool that Firefox sent their users a certificate of appreciation for helping them set a new world record. This is part of the certificate. Not the whole thing. Plus I reduced the size because it was very large.

            Thank You Firefox!

            Monday, June 09, 2008

            NEWS: Gasoline thieves adopt a new drill

            Heidi Perkins spent $90 filling up her 2002 Dodge pickup the Friday before Mother's Day and used a quarter of the tank over the weekend. So she was mystified Monday morning when the gas gauge was below "E" as she drove her daughter to school...

            Tuesday, June 03, 2008


            This is just ludicrous... Be sure too take your time reading. If this is all true, then the corruption is really bad at the White House. From the page:A former high-ranking member of the CIA, now retired, who was a career employee, contacted us this week. Due to our reporting on Halliburton and their corruption we were given 46 pages of testimony on how Halliburton, the CIA, the Pentagon and Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have been stealing billions of dollars.

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            Saturday, May 31, 2008

            Mozilla Firefox 3 Guinness World Record (Actual Page)

            Help make a Guinness World Record By Downloading Firefox 3 within 24hrs of its release! To sign up and get the stats as it happens click on the button at top right, pick your country and provide a email so they can keep you updated, and let you know when the download has started/or become active. Then you will have first knowledge of when Firefox 3 goes live.

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            Friday, May 30, 2008

            Will Oil Really Hit $200 a Barrel?

            It could because media outlets everywhere are conditioning their readers and watchers to the possibility of having $200.00 a barrel oil.  If you look at the news in all of the cities across America they are all saying the same thing.  No one believed that oil could reach $123.00 a barrel, but thanks to the news media hammering into our brains everyday.  It did happen.  Americans everywhere were conditioned into believing it would happen.
            It seems every time the news outlets put to pen and paper, and shout it across the airwaves people take it as a reality.  No one has stopped to think of the ramifications for their actions of putting this type news out.  If you say it enough times people believe it, and are conditioned to the act of having the price double and triple in month(s), and weeks time. 
            It may be time for Americans to step up to the plate, and say, "Enough is enough!"  Boycotts are not the answer to the rising oil prices.  But to hammer down the media, and put less interest into their claims of $200.00 a barrel oil is a better alternative.  If the front page makes bolstering claims of $200.00 dollar oil, then don't buy the paper, and don't listen to it or support their sponsors on TV, or newspapers either.  It could very well be that Americans are being conditioned into believing that we have to accept the fact that oil will rise to $200.00 a barrel.  If you say it enough times then people will start to believe you, and before you know it, people accept the facts as truth.  Then the big oil companies come along and raise the price, because the media said it was going to happen, and because the people have been conditioned into believing it was going too happen, it does.

            Friday, May 23, 2008

            What would the $6 Million Man cost today?

            We can rebuild him, but for how much? Back in 1974, $6 million was enough to buy crashed-astronaut Steve Austin a new arm, an eye, and a pair of legs with super strength and vision.

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            Thursday, April 17, 2008

            Pro-Clinton Diggers Try to Bury Jed Report's Latest Video

            "Despite that strong positive reaction, shortly after the Bosnia and Back Again video was posted on Digg, some (presumably pro-Clinton) digg users buried the video, despite getting over 300 Diggs. So it seems pretty clear that someone doesn't want people to see this video."The above is on Digg at this time just so you know ahead of time it is not so much about this particular article, but as a whole about what gets to the top in the first place on Digg. Most of Digg's front page is about the smut that gets spread on particular individuals or a certain Country's misfortune, and even maybe a occasional happy story. I can't understand why certain stories make it to the top, and others fail before they get ten diggs. Some stories failed and I really thought they were good, and I thought as a whole the Digg users would want these stories at the top. But it did not happen. Who doesn't want to know that soldiers in Iraq are committing suicide at a alarming rate? I guess Digg users don't. But just so you know... I really have faith in Digg users because I have noticed a few story's that failed the Digg effect were not worthy of making the front page. So as a digg user, I continue to post new stories just like any other Digg fan out there. But I will never hold my breath while waiting for them to make the front page. I will however be more selective in the content I post. :)

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            Wednesday, March 05, 2008

            Best video explaining net neutrality ever

            Individuals invented the internet yet now corporations claim they own own it - they claim it's their private property. If that's true then you don't have free speech online. I disagree - I think free speech in "free speech zones" isn't free: it's *dependent* on having a public place to be heard - meaning public property like the internet.If the big Corps have their way then our Internet will be like newspapers that are owned by just a few, and like radio and television that are also owned by just a few. Remember all the promises they have made to the public, and even to our own Government in the past... They promised us fiber optics, and we got nothing. They promised us fair competition when it came to Internet carriers, and right now we are loosing this big time, They gave us only higher bills, and lower support, and services, and even bad service in many areas. They have only done their best to tell us what we can do so far, and it is just irking them that they don't have more power. Next will be what websites we are allowed to visit, what software we can download, and what entertainment we can venture too. So if you like certain music artist you could end up blocked from viewing them simply because you do not have the "right" ISP. You like sports? Well, you could be blocked from viewing updated sports scores, and media tidbits simply because you do not have the "right" ISP. Look at your radio, your television, and your newspapers, and ask yourself if you want the same restrictions on your Internet? For those thinking that you will find a ISP that wont go for the restrictions, think again. Finding one may be easy, you may put your own own website, or blog on the net, even submit a few videos, but what good will it do if the majority can not see them? Remember how it has been up till now. Certain ISPs and even broadband has not even made it to certain areas, and some areas for years have only had one or two ISPs in their area, and no more have been offered. Now check your own ISP you use for your broadband.... Do you get the upload and download speed that you was promised? If not, then you could be getting penalized simply for not using your lan line phone carrier broadband. They just are not telling you this. This is how the Telephone companies feel about the consumer. They only see the money, they could care less if you like it or not, they own big spots of real estate so they have big plans for you. Only thing is it benefits them, not you.

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            Saturday, February 16, 2008

            Bush and the American way, or not

            117,000 blogs and such had words to say about the Olbermann commentary which is located here: Olbermann: Bush 'panoramic invasion of privacy' is terrorism  Now I have know there was a few post online that claim that Bush said he wanted to stay in power, and would if he could find a way around it.  Located here is this subject: Bush Quips He Might Stay in Power (Threat Level Plays Along) The article just plays along, but is quick to point out that they did file using the freedom of information act for information from  five Justice Department offices for documents produced or revised after August 2001 "addressing the feasibility, advisability or lawfulness of deferring, rescheduling or canceling a U.S. national election." I guess they didn't want to take any chances just incase if it were to be true. 
            For your reading pleasure here are a number of articles for you to read:
            Intel chair to Bush on FISA: I will not back down to you [This is a must read if you have not done so as of yet.]
            Bush Chides Congress Over Spy Law Lapse  The grand finally of them all...
            Because of the Spy Law Lapse " The president said. "They are wrong. Because Congress failed to act, it will be harder for our government to keep you safe from terrorist attack."
            But what if Bush decides to tell our security structure to take a break leaving us wide open for attack just to prove a point?  Nah maybe not he can't be that stupid... Or can he?  Could he sabotage to prove a point?  Maybe not, or at least lets hope he can't. 
            Democrats blamed the president,  for "whipping up false fears and creating artificial confrontation."
            Everyone knows this is true, all the way down to the president's Secretary.  Plus you can find all kinds of bits and pieces online on a number of subjects that outline what Bush has done so far that could be labeled as illegal. 
            I brushed up on this subject a few times.
            And so you know the scope of things:
            So now I hope to put your mind at ease, or at least try too.  I have come across a few that claim because I am bashing the Bush and Company I am not very patriotic.  I have been told I have no right to talk ill of the man because I have not walked in his shoes.  Well, I don't want to walk in his shoes.  But he has walked in yours, and in mine.  Every time he passes a bad law, or even a good one he has done it for you.  When he speaks to other Nations, he does it on behalf of you.  When he speaks to the public, he is speaking to you.  When he addresses the nation it is on behalf of the American Public.  Every good thing he has done, or bad, it reflects on every American citizen as a whole.  So when you allow him to create bad laws, then you are just as bad as he is.
            So what are you going to do about it? 
            Well you could go here:
            This week call or email your represenitive and let them know where you stand on all of these new laws being created.  Plus let them know that you support impeachment if they desire to do so.  Yes they did halt the Bill.  But we are just getting started with the fight, so don't back down.  Call every day if you have too, but don't back down.  Take a stand because they are representing every man, woman, and child in America. Your voice is needed, don't let our Nation down.

            Thursday, January 31, 2008

            The global manipulation of the gold market.


            Gold Rush 21

            the most important money in the world, in a world at risk.
            leading commentators and economists reveal facts and evidence
            of one of the most important and dramatic issues today...
            the global manipulation of the gold market.

            More videos here:

            Saturday, January 05, 2008

            NH GOP drops sponsorship of FOX debate

            This is a milestone for the Political debates.  It seems all along that the News Stations have been leaving out certain candidates favoring those that they like the most.  But this is NOT how it is suppose to be.  ALL Candidates are suppose to get their fair shot at these debates.  So along comes New Hampshire.  They literally put their foot down, and said no sponsorship from us if the debates are run in this matter in our State.  I hope that other States follow along with this.  I also hope that no other sponsor decides to pick up where NH dropped off.  If they do, I have full intentions on boycotting them.   For the sake of our Country and future Presidental Elections I hope you feel the same way as I do.