Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm disappointed with the Tech world

I was going to get a Cell Phone because I think I am the only member in my family, and among my friends that doesn't have one. I was even looking at a few different brands, plus different companies that offer them as a incentive to join up with the other millions who already have one.
I changed my mind though. It's one thing to fight tooth and nail online to keep the viruses and worms out of your computer. It's a whole different thing with a Cell Phone. I mean your not cool unless the phone has all of the new gadgets, or bells and whistles. You go around with a dinosaur version, and people look at you so un-cool.

So the second virus hit the phone market this week. Two is two too many for me folks. Besides how did that virus get to spread like that anyways? Can't they trace it back? I believe if they had of arrested someone in a timely matter when the first phone virus hit. The second one never would of happen. Guess we just have another tech industry out of control. So much for my Cell phone. :(
What a disappointment.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The monster of all downloads SP2 is coming!

Yup you have two weeks to block those updates on your box folks. Your computer will be sucked into Microsoft's website and stealing all your bandwidth if you don't block it now.

I don't want the SP2. Because I have a few of the older software that I truly love to use. I know as soon as I get that SP2 they will all go to the wayside. For you diehards that have no clue to what I mean go here: read it and weep.

For all of you that bosses told you to get that damn patch or else! Go here:,1759,1771408,00.asp

This will help you get started now on what areas you need to get ready on your boxes. Better get started now though. Because it's going to take you up to the two weeks to get those boxes ready.

Oh boy now on to my buzz! :)

Microsoft is not allowing their customers a chance after the march 12th deadline to say ya or na to the download. If you have Microsoft updates enabled then your box will download the SP2

I have many questions on this. Plus it would do no good to call Microsoft cause they will just transfer me and transfer me till I grow tired of it.

My first question is: Because Microsoft is not allowing their customers a choice in getting the download, then does this mean Microsoft also takes responsibility for the boxes?

second question is: I have the updates turned off so... If I still go to the Microsoft website to get my critical updates will I still be forced to get the SP2?

Third question is: For those in my shoes and having the Updates turned off how long will it be before Microsoft completely blocks us?

Forth Question is: Is Microsoft playing fair here?

Fifth Question is: Is Microsoft pushing the security patching for their benefit? Or someone else’s?

Sixth Question is: What the hell is in this SP2 that Microsoft is so dead set on us downloading?

Seventh Question is: Is this another scam, or does Microsoft really have their customers at heart?

I have to ask these questions because it sure looks like Microsoft is doing their best to force us to download this patch. I realize this patch addresses security issues with Windows. But if you are like me, use good firewall protection, and Anti-virus protection. Plus you are not click happy on the Email Client, and browser. And don't use Internet Explorer or Outlook or Outlook Express. Then you are in as good as shape as I am, and haven't had a virus in four and a half years just like me. I haven't had a virus in a long time. As for critical updates, i get the ones that only relate to my box and no more. I don't use a lot of Microsoft's crap. So why should I be forced to get the SP2 if I don't need it? I am serious on who will be responsible for my box if the SP2 didn't go well. Its one thing to say download this if you need it. It's one thing to say you have a choice to download or not. But when you take that choice away from the public and tell them download or else, then you take the responsibility away from the user and put it square on the vendor. Microsoft clearly stated you have no choice download or else. So to me that means they take responsibility.

Maybe some lawsuits in the near future? Could be. Lets see what happens in two weeks. Let’s see if the ones that don't have the SP2 are still able to get the critical updates or not. If not... Look out Microsoft. You are treading on thin ice now.