Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Best video explaining net neutrality ever

Individuals invented the internet yet now corporations claim they own own it - they claim it's their private property. If that's true then you don't have free speech online. I disagree - I think free speech in "free speech zones" isn't free: it's *dependent* on having a public place to be heard - meaning public property like the internet.If the big Corps have their way then our Internet will be like newspapers that are owned by just a few, and like radio and television that are also owned by just a few. Remember all the promises they have made to the public, and even to our own Government in the past... They promised us fiber optics, and we got nothing. They promised us fair competition when it came to Internet carriers, and right now we are loosing this big time, They gave us only higher bills, and lower support, and services, and even bad service in many areas. They have only done their best to tell us what we can do so far, and it is just irking them that they don't have more power. Next will be what websites we are allowed to visit, what software we can download, and what entertainment we can venture too. So if you like certain music artist you could end up blocked from viewing them simply because you do not have the "right" ISP. You like sports? Well, you could be blocked from viewing updated sports scores, and media tidbits simply because you do not have the "right" ISP. Look at your radio, your television, and your newspapers, and ask yourself if you want the same restrictions on your Internet? For those thinking that you will find a ISP that wont go for the restrictions, think again. Finding one may be easy, you may put your own own website, or blog on the net, even submit a few videos, but what good will it do if the majority can not see them? Remember how it has been up till now. Certain ISPs and even broadband has not even made it to certain areas, and some areas for years have only had one or two ISPs in their area, and no more have been offered. Now check your own ISP you use for your broadband.... Do you get the upload and download speed that you was promised? If not, then you could be getting penalized simply for not using your lan line phone carrier broadband. They just are not telling you this. This is how the Telephone companies feel about the consumer. They only see the money, they could care less if you like it or not, they own big spots of real estate so they have big plans for you. Only thing is it benefits them, not you.

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