Monday, August 29, 2005

global warming

 Do you believe global warming is a factor behind the recent severe weather?  In a way I do, but in a way I don't also.  I know I can't have it both ways, but just read on, and maybe you will see my point. 
Hurricanes etc will just like any thing else will have a time to where you don't have as many.  You can go 25 to 40 years, and have a decrease in them.  Then one year they are on the increase again.  The increase will last for years.  It has nothing to do with global warming.  It's just mother natures way of giving mother earth a break then taking that break away.  It's the same as you seeing a famous desert dry as a bone for years, and then one day it rains.  It's no different than earthquakes becoming more intense.  They are not as intense, then one year you have a major quake.  Think back to when you was young, Grandma use to say we are due for bad weather this year.  Remember?   Same with Hurricanes. 
Does this mean we don't have global warming?  No.  Look at the North and South pole.  Yes the glaciers are melting.  So that means the climate is changing.  So this in itself could be global warming.  However who is to say that this also is just part of mother natures way of giving the North and South pole a rest?  It could be that just like everything else that has years of what they feel is normal temps, were not normal at all.  Or maybe even it has periods of many years of freezing, and many years of melting.  Who knows.  But if you look at weather as a whole instead of just including a certain amount of years then passing judgement, the weather is just doing what it has always done.  It waxes and wanes just like it did 100, 200, and even 300 years ago.  Didn't they also say at the beginning of the spring that there would be a increase in storms this year? Plus didn't the weather people all say we was over due for this to happen?  Think about it.  I realize they want to blame this all on the ozone, and global warming.  How can that be if they have been predicting it for years to happen and point blank came out and said that it was a pattern, and that it will last for years, then we will have a decrease again? 
However if the weather we are having now never goes away and gets worse year by year, then yes this is global warming caused by the ozone layer.  The same goes for snow, rain, and all the other climate.  So we all shall see what happens years from now. 

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Employees unleashing viruses on purpose?

Here is something interesting.Employees unleashing viruses on purpose? I kind of believe that some employees are capable of doing this.  But I am more inclined to believe that it is a lack of teaching employees security measures in the office. I have asked employees in the past what they were taught, and most of them said nothing except how to log on and go.  I then asked a few questions to find out just what they know about the computer they use everyday.  Most were dumb founded.  Some were even down right stupid with their answers.  One told me "that is the IT's department headache not mine I only need to know how to run Excel, and email, keeping out viruses is not part of my job description".  Others said that the IT told them to "log on, and to call if the computer started acting up".  I have seen a great misuse of company time on a computer.  The use of Instant Messengers, and accepting emails from family and friends at work.  Plus the actual download and install of software etc. that was nowhere related to work.  Like games, movie trailers, etc.  
I believe unless the IT community, and job environments don't start taking their computers seriously when it comes to security then the security problems will never get any better.  I also believe that it is a jobs responsibility to be sure that their employees understand and know all of the security rules.  It doesn't matter how small their job is.  Get rid of the ones that don't want to learn the ropes.  Get rid of the ones, that keep infecting the boxes.  Show them the street if they continue to download crap that is not part of their job, and email every Tom, Harry, and Jane. I also believe that a job has the right to be sure that they are not downloading this crap, and emailing every Tom, Harry, and Jane.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Robertson should be ousted!

First read this, and be sure you watch the video on the page. Robertson comments for assassination call   He did say assassination! He did say our men should go in and get rid of this guy.  He did not say as he claimed in his so called apology to just remove him.  I saw the tape.  I know first hand from his mouth the exact wording that he said.  NO the media did not take his words out of context as Robertson claims.  So his apology means nothing to me.  If I was in power I would arrest this man under the terrorist laws.  I would throw the book at him.  He as a public figure was in fact to me inciting a terrorist threat.  because of his following, and because people have a tendency of taking his words as power.  This man could in fact be a wart that the USA doesn't need.  I don't believe the USA should let this go.    
But what about free speech?  There is a big difference between free speech, and using your political power to convince the public to assassinate someone.  That is what Robertson was doing.  It is as clear as you can get in any type of speech a person could make.  It also was as clear as you can get when a public figure such as Robertson tells the USA to send  covert operatives  to kill someone. 
We don't need our Churches and synagogues inciting riots, killings, and assassinations.  If that is what Church is about, then I don't want to go to one ever again.  Robertson needs to be ousted. Or a public ban put upon him for TV and public speaking.  Because Robertson was infact promoting terrorism.  

Monday, August 22, 2005

Music on the move: music downloads and DRM

 In the first of a two part series on digital music on the move, we look at the controversial issue of digital rights management (DRM) and consider to what extent - if at all - users are discouraged from using legitimate download services.   read the rest here  DRM Blues
See I knew this was all going to crop up.  If you want to include DRM then ALL software wanting to run DRM should also be included.  There should be no restrictions on the Licenses.  because after all Bill Gates we already are having to deal with DRM! So include all MP3 players that are willing to go along with the BS.  To hell with this crap of different download places saying who's MP3's they will support.  That is total BS. 
They should be able to back up any License they have. NO ONE should have to purchase the same License again. THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR THE DAMN THING YOU MORONS!  Because of the set up now people are having to repurchase the same music again.  Hell if my cds that I purchased in the store did this  I wouldn't even fool with them again.  I would go back to radio. 
OH! that reminds me I heard that Satellite radio is the next coming good thing. 
I agree!  

Intel quietly adds DRM to new chips

OH! INTEL!  Shame on you!  you didin't really think you could sneek this in did you? 
Intel quietly adds DRM  and Intel is not the only one! Sun Launches DRM Initiative  
Time to maybe switch to AMD?   

Friday, August 19, 2005

Epilogue : I'm busted! I installed the SP2

Well the Sp2 lasted long enough for me to realize I could not get into any folders or launch anything on the quick launch bar.  So I uninstalled it.  Which wasn't half bad at all.  The uninstall was smooth. 
For those that dont know
how this is done...

"start "run"  type:
c:\windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\spuninst.exe   Follow instructions.  At least Microsoft was nice enough to give us a sp2 uninstall wizard.  Thank you Microsoft!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ok Bushy listen up!

Thank you Bushy for thinking twice before allowing the xxx domain! We don't think alike in most areas.  But I do agree with you on this.
Creating a XXX domain will do nothing to protect the public except give them a false sense of security for protecting their children.  You create this domain you will have many people thinking this is where all the porn is.  You have to first get into the mind of a new computer user to understand how they think.  If no one had told you about the XXX domain what do you think your first line of thought would be on what type of content this domain has?  I have had new computer users to write me and ask why a certain website that was a dot com was trying to put a virus on their computer if they are a business?  They don't comprehend that any of the domains on the Internet today can be bad, or be a false/misleading website.  Some think when first new that a "dot com" is a commercial site, and a "dot org" is a nonprofit.  The "dot net" they think those are everyday people.  And surely they all must be legit because after all they are on the Internet. 
Second is the XXX domain can be abused tremendously  by lobbyist thinking we shall throw all the porn over there including all the stuff we think is crap even though it is not crap and certainly not porn but instead just related or has a sexual tendency to it.  So many websites will be forced to move because their website just has a sexual nature to it.  It may not be Porn but who cares its going there anyway because I don't like their content. 
Third is the porn sites themselves.  You don't really believe they will give up those domains they have had for years do you? 
fourth is very scary... Just whom is going to monitor the backlash of non complying porn domains?  There will come a day when someone tries to force a move on them to the XXX domain. Even worse is that today the other domains are not really complying to the domain types so does this mean they will have to move also?   
It wont work because The USA will be the only one complying with the new rules.  Actually no one will comply  because they will just move to a host in a country that doesn't have the silly rules.   
It's just all a bad idea.  Keep on telling them no.  Ok Bushy?

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Iran is at it again and the USA is watching.  What I don't get is if these countries that the USA claim are hurting the Iraq war by sending their bombers and weapons over to Iraq...  Then why hasn't those borders into iraq been closed to traffic? WeeBit shrugs and scratches head.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm busted! I installed the SP2

Yes folks I installed the SP2 today. I must admit I was impressed with the
ease of instillation process too. It is kind of slow to install, and the
download on my DSL took 40 minutes. It actually to me took longer for the
SP2 to install than it did to download.
I am so far impressed with it too. First the hoopla about not having a
choice about certain aspects of the security like the firewall and the auto
updates... I got asked if I wanted these on or off. A shield shows in the
taskbar and a click of the mouse gives you the options of what you want on
and what you want off.

I decided to turn the auto updates off, but I kept the firewall check on and
the antivirus check was left on also. I am hoping that this is added
protection incase a virus or Trojan should sneak onto my box and disable

If you install this please take the time to read the windows that pop up.
and be sure your box is clean before you even install this. Later on I will
update and let you all know if I have any problems with the SP2.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Woman sues video game manufacturer (I say throw the lawsuit out!)

Here is a grandmother with a 14 year old grandson whom she bought a game for that had a mature rating.  Well here is a website that tells you what each of the game ratings are, and the appropriate ages for each rating plus what each of the ratings could have for content.  Game Ratings  Now step up to plate the lawsuit the grandmother filed on the makers of the game Grand Theft Auto.  Read about lawsuit here   
Throw it out because even the mature rating states it is meant for people 17 and up, and the game could contain sexual content, or does contain sexual content. 
Come on people!  they release the games with the ratings for a reason! You don't by a game for a kid under 17 that is for mature audiences, and then sue the manufacturer because your too stupid to pay attention to the ratings, or just too damn lazy to pay attention to them.  Or give in to a child because they want the game.  If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!  parents have to take responsibility for their own actions. 
This lawsuit should be thrown out because the wrong age group is suing.  People who meet the age requirements for the ratings on the game itself should be allowed to sue if they care to do so.   But if you bought a game for your kids that are not the proper age displayed on the box then I am sorry you're shit out of luck folks in my book.