Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm disappointed with the Tech world

I was going to get a Cell Phone because I think I am the only member in my family, and among my friends that doesn't have one. I was even looking at a few different brands, plus different companies that offer them as a incentive to join up with the other millions who already have one.
I changed my mind though. It's one thing to fight tooth and nail online to keep the viruses and worms out of your computer. It's a whole different thing with a Cell Phone. I mean your not cool unless the phone has all of the new gadgets, or bells and whistles. You go around with a dinosaur version, and people look at you so un-cool.

So the second virus hit the phone market this week. Two is two too many for me folks. Besides how did that virus get to spread like that anyways? Can't they trace it back? I believe if they had of arrested someone in a timely matter when the first phone virus hit. The second one never would of happen. Guess we just have another tech industry out of control. So much for my Cell phone. :(
What a disappointment.

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