Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CNN: Searching for an Unfriendly Face

 As a soldier scans the crowded streets of Baghdad, so do another set of eyes. The second set, located on the soldier's rifle, belongs to a camera system that instantly recognizes the faces of potential threats.
The camera's brain, a two-pound computer system worn on a belt or in a pack, is the first portable video system capable of matching faces with known threats in real time. It's being developed by Frederick-based ACAGI Inc., along with researchers at the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering, through Maryland Industrial Partnerships Program funding.

"Soldiers have cameras on their rifles or helmets, but that's only half the equation. They don't recognize anything," said ACAGI CEO Peter Spatharis. "If our system sees somebody it knows, it tells you, and it tells others so quick decisions can be made."
Isn't this something... Why it was just a few years back everyone was amazed at microwaves, computers, and those watches that cost 50 bucks that could tell the time, add and subtract, and light up, plus look stylish too!  Today all of this stuff is cheaper, The computer of yesterday would cost 300 bucks today. Microwave goes for about 50, and the watches go for about 5 to ten bucks. Don't forget that years ago a computer took up lots of space, today is more compact you can wear the darn thing.  
*Weebit laughs* 

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