Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Business of Ads Online and the Reasons for Consumer Hating Them

Ok so most will agree that ads online are a pain.  It's either the way they are displayed or the fact they are using a popup to slap this ad in front of your face.  But what are the major reasons for blocking them?
1. popups are bad news, you have to control these because many use popups to exploit the public with their bad scripts.
2.  Spam has been the outcome of some of the sponsors.  People don't want to sign up for great deals from the sponsors, and receive  100 emails a week not even related to the info they wanted in the first place.
3. They are not trustworthy.  Many sponsors are nothing but traps.  Some even try to infect your computer with viruses, adware, spyware, etc.
4. Some sponsors have burned their customers.  No one likes to be offered something just to have the item never to be delivered, and no refund in sight, or damaged goods, and even goods less than what you expected when you made the purchase.  Or, they promise top quality, and you get cardboard, or a few bricks in a box etc.  
5. Some ads are luring children to click.  Offer them cool games, or something free, kids will click the ads, and a parent is at the mercy of the sponsor.  (see #4, #3, #2, #1)
6. Freebies are not really free, not if they ask for you to keep providing email addresses, page after page, or fill out a survey that reads like a book, and has your complete history on it.  So don't expect to get that big screen TV, or that high priced laptop, without first pissing off you family, friends, and online contacts. You think you did everything right, but they always have a excuse at the end to why you wont receive it.  This scam is a classic online, many fall for it.  It's a good reason to block the ad.
7. Websites that have sponsors don't care if the sponsor is legit or not as long as they get paid.  There is no one held accountable for the bad sponsors online.  They can do as they want, and get away with it.  This is not just the websites, even the search engines have bad sponsors.  So you have no trust, no respect of the consumer, and businesses have no balls to clean up their sponsors.
I will continue to block ads until people serving ads online clean their act up.  If you want our service of seeing the ads, then respect us as consumers.
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