Sunday, February 18, 2007

Clean up your act!

Have you ever noticed when you go to websites that are suppose to have good content (most do), and you see the site advisor pop up red.  You find out they offer downloads  with spyware and adware that have you cringing with fear.  One such site is  To see such a site with bad taste when it comes to what they offer their web guest is just appalling.  I am sure they could offer better download content. 
I have said in the past that it's not just the adware and spyware that is bad, it is the websites that permit the crapware on their pages that are bad also.  It's a shame to see a website such as to stoop to such a level.  My advice is to block the downloads on that website.  Or to block the whole website.  Sorry Playfuls but if you can't offer better, then it's time for your visitors to take a stand.  After all... Content should be good content, and free of crapware.  I should not have to worry everytime a member in my family clicks on a link on your website.  Clean up your act!

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