Wednesday, October 31, 2007

13847 Shouts Recieved Help me Digg!

I joined Digg on March 5th, 2007.  Even though I have not been on Digg for that long, I was using the service before they did their makeover.  I don't have that much to say about Digg that is bad.  As a matter of fact I like their service.  You can catch up on the news, see things that are very hard to find, Keep up on everything from local news, all the way to the weird stuff that you just wont find anywhere else, and even find out if your own reasoning on topics is inline with other people.  Plus I have to admit some of the other diggers are just plain humorous, or can even be very serious with the topics they pick to comment on, or submit.  Digg can be a learning experience too, and where else are you going to find such a large amount of topics to choose from?  I can think of no place that accepts their users topics, and allows comments, and voting for the best that is on the Internet.  It's just a great place to hang out. 
But I have one area I would love to see some improvement in and that is the new Shout area that is located in the users profiles.  Yes after a while the shout area can grow on you.  You get use to it. You either love it, or hate it.  I am trying to ignore it.   I have counted the shouts I have recieved since the change,  and to my surprise from September 19, 2007 until now I have recieved 13847.  And um we have to delete these one at a time per click!   Plus "OK click" each one we delete! UGH!   Come on Diggnation you can do better than this.  We need to be able to control these better.  If you want us to continue getting them, then please fix this so we can delete more than one at a time.  I have 24 pages of shouts.   HELP! 

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Jaz said...

I agree with you on this. We definitely need something different on the shout page. Before I knew anything about that, I found myself with a bazillion shouts and no way to remove them except one by one. ACK!! Took a long time.

I did digg those I liked but I cannot spend my entire day clicking on each one at a time. Sigh.