Monday, December 03, 2007

Dear Political Candidate

Well, another election is coming up.  You can tell that it is starting to get tense because the mud slinging has begun on TV. Here are our Canidates for this time around: 

  • Candidate Joe Biden Democrat
  • Candidate Hillary Clinton Democrat
  • Candidate Chris Dodd Democrat
  • Candidate John Edwards Democrat
  • Candidate Rudy Giuliani Republican
  • Candidate Mike Gravel Democrat
  • Candidate Mike Huckabee Republican
  • Candidate Duncan Hunter Republican
  • Candidate Dennis Kucinich Democrat
  • Candidate John McCain Republican
  • Candidate Barack Obama Democrat
  • Candidate Ron Paul Republican
  • Candidate Bill Richardson Democrat
  • Candidate Mitt Romney Republican
  • Candidate Tom Tancredo Republican
  • Candidate Fred Thompson Republican
No need to share with you on whom I plan to vote for because this blog has nothing to do on discosing who I plan to vote for in the long run.    It has more  to do with moral character, what the Candidate plans to do in Office, and in the truth.  I can tell you that I have striked two off the list as not even considering voting for just because of morals.  The oddest thing of all is all of them have been caught in one lie or another, and in worst things.  Some of the lies were more serious than others, some things worse than others.  So morals will probably play more of a role on deciding on which lies were the most serious.  Now add to this the ones that did a bad deed to the public in the past that caused Americans to suffer in one way or another.  Those that clearly did not have the public in mind. Plus you have to give brownie points to those that did offer the public good offerings like new laws, and so on. So I narrowed my choice down to three.  So this gives me a little bit less than a year to decide on which of the three I have chosen so far.  Then you add to the mix rather if they are Republican, Democrat, or independent.
So how will I decide between those three?  Well, this is the tricky part.  I plan to pick the one that keeps their head on their shoulders for the next 11 months.  Plus I plan to pick the one that doesn't come out with bashing towards other canidates that could hurt a opponents family members.  They should want to help Iraq Government to be more accountable to their people. In other words... Stop dragging butt, and work with their people to get their Country on the right track.  I am also looking for the candidate that will say to the public that they plan to clean up America, and help America.  I mean we have middle class in the poor house, or homeless.  We are having major recalls on products.  The VA is not helping our veterans as they should.  Plus our schools have gone to the dog house because the "No child left behind" program stinks.  Our elderly had programs cut that never should of been cut.  And next to last of all... 
I want to hear they plan to get rid of pork completely in the Bills they pass.  I don't want to be supporting some silly project that is of no benefit to anyone but a select few.  The Defense bill included 2,074 projects, totally $6.6 billion.  I want to see some discloser here.  Hiding Pork into bills where you can't find them needs to stop period.  It is not fair to the public to cause our deficit to be so high just because someone in the Senate wants to help a friend out with their pet projects.  America is paying for these projects, and we have a right to say no, we also have the right to know what all projects are in the bill, and I believe we have the right to know if the project will benefit the public, the cost, and if it wont benefit the public as a whole, then whom will benefit?
last of all Clean up America.  Start at the top and work down. We need a better way to supply energy other than oil so we are not so needy of other Nations.  We need higher standards from our Manufacturers.  If we must accept goods from out of our Country, then there needs to be laws in place to curb on the amount of goods, and the quality of goods from other Nations.  This way they wont be taking jobs from Americans.  Or poisoning us. Next if you want to move your business to another country then you must have a penalty for doing so if your business employs over 300 workers.  This hopefully will keep the jobs in America, and give them a tax break if they do stay. 
Does being Republican, Democrat, or independent have any pull in my decision of whom to vote for this time around?  No, because there is a Republican that would make a good choice as well.  I tend to base on nothing but what I have outlined above now.  I will do some research on the three I have picked.  See what dirt I find on them, and then research the dirt to be sure it is true. Of course this is mandatory towards the end, right before election time.  But I plan to pick the best for the job, and not let their affiliation to a certain political party get in the way of electing them.  This time around it is very important to pick the right candidate. This may mean picking one that I would normally not vote for simply because of their affiliation to a certain political party.
The major point here is even after all of my considerations, I may still have to vote for a candidate that has less than perfect record. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate.
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