Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bush and the American way, or not

117,000 blogs and such had words to say about the Olbermann commentary which is located here: Olbermann: Bush 'panoramic invasion of privacy' is terrorism  Now I have know there was a few post online that claim that Bush said he wanted to stay in power, and would if he could find a way around it.  Located here is this subject: Bush Quips He Might Stay in Power (Threat Level Plays Along) The article just plays along, but is quick to point out that they did file using the freedom of information act for information from  five Justice Department offices for documents produced or revised after August 2001 "addressing the feasibility, advisability or lawfulness of deferring, rescheduling or canceling a U.S. national election." I guess they didn't want to take any chances just incase if it were to be true. 
For your reading pleasure here are a number of articles for you to read:
Intel chair to Bush on FISA: I will not back down to you [This is a must read if you have not done so as of yet.]
Bush Chides Congress Over Spy Law Lapse  The grand finally of them all...
Because of the Spy Law Lapse " The president said. "They are wrong. Because Congress failed to act, it will be harder for our government to keep you safe from terrorist attack."
But what if Bush decides to tell our security structure to take a break leaving us wide open for attack just to prove a point?  Nah maybe not he can't be that stupid... Or can he?  Could he sabotage to prove a point?  Maybe not, or at least lets hope he can't. 
Democrats blamed the president,  for "whipping up false fears and creating artificial confrontation."
Everyone knows this is true, all the way down to the president's Secretary.  Plus you can find all kinds of bits and pieces online on a number of subjects that outline what Bush has done so far that could be labeled as illegal. 
I brushed up on this subject a few times.
And so you know the scope of things:
So now I hope to put your mind at ease, or at least try too.  I have come across a few that claim because I am bashing the Bush and Company I am not very patriotic.  I have been told I have no right to talk ill of the man because I have not walked in his shoes.  Well, I don't want to walk in his shoes.  But he has walked in yours, and in mine.  Every time he passes a bad law, or even a good one he has done it for you.  When he speaks to other Nations, he does it on behalf of you.  When he speaks to the public, he is speaking to you.  When he addresses the nation it is on behalf of the American Public.  Every good thing he has done, or bad, it reflects on every American citizen as a whole.  So when you allow him to create bad laws, then you are just as bad as he is.
So what are you going to do about it? 
Well you could go here:
This week call or email your represenitive and let them know where you stand on all of these new laws being created.  Plus let them know that you support impeachment if they desire to do so.  Yes they did halt the Bill.  But we are just getting started with the fight, so don't back down.  Call every day if you have too, but don't back down.  Take a stand because they are representing every man, woman, and child in America. Your voice is needed, don't let our Nation down.

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