Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pro-Clinton Diggers Try to Bury Jed Report's Latest Video

"Despite that strong positive reaction, shortly after the Bosnia and Back Again video was posted on Digg, some (presumably pro-Clinton) digg users buried the video, despite getting over 300 Diggs. So it seems pretty clear that someone doesn't want people to see this video."The above is on Digg at this time just so you know ahead of time it is not so much about this particular article, but as a whole about what gets to the top in the first place on Digg. Most of Digg's front page is about the smut that gets spread on particular individuals or a certain Country's misfortune, and even maybe a occasional happy story. I can't understand why certain stories make it to the top, and others fail before they get ten diggs. Some stories failed and I really thought they were good, and I thought as a whole the Digg users would want these stories at the top. But it did not happen. Who doesn't want to know that soldiers in Iraq are committing suicide at a alarming rate? I guess Digg users don't. But just so you know... I really have faith in Digg users because I have noticed a few story's that failed the Digg effect were not worthy of making the front page. So as a digg user, I continue to post new stories just like any other Digg fan out there. But I will never hold my breath while waiting for them to make the front page. I will however be more selective in the content I post. :)

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