Friday, May 30, 2008

Will Oil Really Hit $200 a Barrel?

It could because media outlets everywhere are conditioning their readers and watchers to the possibility of having $200.00 a barrel oil.  If you look at the news in all of the cities across America they are all saying the same thing.  No one believed that oil could reach $123.00 a barrel, but thanks to the news media hammering into our brains everyday.  It did happen.  Americans everywhere were conditioned into believing it would happen.
It seems every time the news outlets put to pen and paper, and shout it across the airwaves people take it as a reality.  No one has stopped to think of the ramifications for their actions of putting this type news out.  If you say it enough times people believe it, and are conditioned to the act of having the price double and triple in month(s), and weeks time. 
It may be time for Americans to step up to the plate, and say, "Enough is enough!"  Boycotts are not the answer to the rising oil prices.  But to hammer down the media, and put less interest into their claims of $200.00 a barrel oil is a better alternative.  If the front page makes bolstering claims of $200.00 dollar oil, then don't buy the paper, and don't listen to it or support their sponsors on TV, or newspapers either.  It could very well be that Americans are being conditioned into believing that we have to accept the fact that oil will rise to $200.00 a barrel.  If you say it enough times then people will start to believe you, and before you know it, people accept the facts as truth.  Then the big oil companies come along and raise the price, because the media said it was going to happen, and because the people have been conditioned into believing it was going too happen, it does.

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