Friday, September 26, 2008

Dream a little Politics

  • Candidate Barack Obama Democrat
  • Candidate John McCain Republican
            Well the election is almost upon us.  We are down to two candidates. The mud slinging is high on the chart.  The lies are outrageous, and common place.  Even though many Americans never believes the crap spewing from the mouths in the ads.  As always the media is eating it up.  In the meantime our economy is at it's lowest level sense the great Depression.  Don't you just love Politics?  It's the only time a person can say a mouthful, and the mouthful be nothing but a pack of lies and deceit.  It's suppose to sound good.  They get brownie points for everything that comes out of their mouths. Each and every word spewed could mean getting the Presidency or not.

            Perhaps they should of set the election up as a major film debut?  Whom ever can get the most words in edge wise in forty minutes that relates to what they "might" like to do for the USA.  Along with their full work history and with paperwork to prove it.  Must have medical history, and any paperwork on shady miss doings rather if you have been convicted or not.  Put it out in movie form, and stay out of the media we just want the facts sheets, and movie. Then distribute the movie world wide.  Free! It should come in a DVD jewel case as well so people can view it twice if they want too. Include the background history paperwork in the jewel case!

            Oh shoot! Can't a person dream?  After all that's about all we will get out of these candidates.  We will be lucky to see half of their spewed promises become reality.  The rest is just a mere dream.
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