Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As a American, I do not agree with you President Obama

My notes are in red.
phony war in Iraq or the torture memos that justified waterboarding. It's millions of missing emails and the constant use of executive privilege and signing statements. All of the men and women we sent to Iraq who died... They are not worth it? Their lives lost mean nothing to you?  You can't be very American if you are not willing to fight for our own troops.  4,000+ lost in war, ...remember that. 
secretive meetings with Enron and other energy executives and the wholesale firing of federal prosecutors. It's trying to get the president's personal attorney seated on the Supreme Court and that despicable Alberto Gonzales sitting in front of congressional investigators whining, "I don't remember, I don't know, I...etc."  Many are quick to put others away for such acts.  Who got paid off? Someone did, because little was done, and the hearings were a joke. The hearings were there to please the public? Well, guess again.   
domestic eavesdropping in violation of the FISA Court, the rendition prisons, and the lying. It's looking the other way while the City of New Orleans drowned and its people were left to fend for themselves. This was very un-American. So what was this "really" about?
It's the violations of the Geneva Conventions, the soiling of our international reputation and the shredding of the U.S. Constitution. It's the handing over of $700 billion to the Wall Street fat cats last fall, no questions asked. Even though Bush is no longer in office, this still hurts the reputation of Americans everywhere. As for the missing money, I just think it was Bush's last act of kindness he did for his friends. It had nothing to do about the economy.  I also don't believe Bush loved America. What president does away with our Constitution? 
no-bid contracts to firms like Halliburton and Blackwater and the shoddy construction and lack of oversight of reconstruction in Iraq that cost American taxpayers untold billions. Plus the many that lost their lives due too the shoddy construction. They deserve justice.  What a shame, and a terrible loss. 
We have no clue to what all the Bush Administration did to our Country.  A lot was done to America behind closed doors.  This is even more reason as to why the Bush Administration should be investigated.   
President Obama...  Please open your eyes, who ever is giving you advice, just may have a reason for not wanting that investigation. 
You may have many good apples around you, but you have many rotten ones as well. Plus without this investigation you open the door for another President after you to try to do the same as Bush.
  •  Cafferty: Damage will last until Bush-Cheney deeds are addressed  Exactly! This will never go away until it is addressed.

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