Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Security for OS? You Don't Count! You are not important!

I wish I could run a business of offering cars, appliances, and even those leer jets in the sky. And tell my customers screw you! You didn't buy my new model. So you can't update or fix the security flaws we found. Why even if there is known bad wiring I’m not going to fix it because you have the older model. So Buzz off! You don’t count! You are not important!
At eWeek this week, they had an article that said that Microsoft will only be offering their new browser to SP2 users. The article is here:,1759,1765331,00.asp

Yes I kind of pick on Microsoft. But at least I don't call them names like dirtbag, scum sucker, Morons, and such. Or worse names!

*WeeBit pauses with thought. * ...

The software industry, like I have always said is the only industry that can push their customers away if they don't have the newer version.

Gosh if I built leer jets I could make a killing right now forcing my customers to buy a new model.

I could do the same with cars!

*WeeBit ponders on all that money she is missing out on.*

I am just curious though... Cars these days are being put out by the thousands with those computers in them. Does that mean that Microsoft eventually will come after them to also upgrade? Or will they be told “no patches for you!”

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