Thursday, February 10, 2005

RFID su...!

Leave it too California to use our children as gunnie pigs. There next way to monitor children is the RFID. In case you don't know what this is... It's chip ware placed in or on a product such as clothing, or even our children in the form of a badge to monitor their comings and goings. But is it more than just monitoring their coming and going?

Well one thing I noticed is it kept tabs on students going into the restrooms and their cafeteria. BUT! They said it was just a attendance device to help the school to keep up with those that don't show up for school, and to get a accurate record of attendance for the school. So what the hell are they doing monitoring the bathrooms and the cafeteria in the first place? Do kids attend class in the bathrooms? Do they attend class in the cafeteria?

Because this chip ware was monitoring children in areas it had no business monitoring them in. I would THINK TWICE before allowing anyone to place one of these devices on my child. Plus the school was not forth comming with what the badge was all about. To top that off the meeting for the parents to air their concerns was only given one day notice. ( They did this to keep the attendance low for the meeting. Less people less complaints.)

What REALLY is the reason for this chip wear?

Why did the school go to such strains to hide this?

If your told your child will have to wear this device, think twice parents. As a matter of fact I would be telling them HELL NO!

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