Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another Day

DRM Ah yes this is suppose to save the RIAA's butt. But you know I don't think so. I believe just like all the other hoopla on software that has been hacked in the last 10+ years DRM will be no different. So what's the cure? Ask me in about ten years, or maybe even 20. Because everyone right now is treating the software industry as if it has been around for ever and it hasn't.
So how about the rest of the security industry for Software? Well that is iffy. You can lock a computer up as tight as you want too, but when you do that you loose also.
One thing though I would like to see is Hosting company's for websites they host for to start scanning more often to see what their customers are uploading. Did you know there are websites right now as you read this that are storing viruses, Trojans, all kinds of malware. I guess the Hosting company's just turn a blind eye. Meanwhile their customers are uploading this crap as fast as they can.

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