Thursday, June 09, 2005

Who has the right to complain?

I am so amazed at people sometimes. I had asked a few people that complain how the Government runs the Country. Out of ten I asked, only two were registered voters, and only one of them voted this year. Excuses I heard? "It doesn't matter who I vote for... they will put who they want in office regardless if I like em or not." "Both candidates suck so it doesn't matter if I vote or not." Those were the two most popular reasons for not being a registered voter. One other that amazed me was this one... "No way will I register I am not serving on Jury Duty. "
But a good majority of them were displeased in how the President was doing. They had plenty to say about what was wrong. But they didin't vote, or they wasn't even registered to vote. So tell me... What gives them the right to complain? Is it enough to be a American to be able to complain anyway? They say they have every right to complain because they ARE American. Do they really have that right?

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