Sunday, June 05, 2005

Can you spell RFID?

'contactless chip' = RFID and 'proximity chip' = RFID There is no difference folks. And hang onto your hats because our very nice elected Government is putting this crap in passports. Which will put all those abroad at risk. Why? Because the chips in passports will not have any of those digital secure security features, that our own elected officials will have in theirs. Homeland Security Department "We want it to be compatible," she said, "with as many reader devices used by other countries as possible." Hogwash is what I say. Tell em to get off their buffs and enter into the 21st Century. Better yet trash the idea because Technology is not ready for this as of yet. They can't even secure a computer. And they want to broadcast private info on a contactless chip. Give me a break!

OH! and Homeland Security Department if you really care alot for your fellow Americans who helped you get that job. The least you could do is give us all the same type of security protection that you have. Not like you will listen to us when we say your making a big mistake with that chip. But you can't honestly say that no one will be able to pick up that signal or not. You don' know, and even if they can't today, you should at least be honest enough with the public, and let them know that tomorrow someone will have a device built just for those chips, and every person that they get info from will be at risk. The question is "Will it be just a few, or a few thousand, or more?" This contactless chip technology is no different than the computer you have in your office and someone out there is getting all happy just thinking about hacking it. It wont be just a few hundred or a few thousand either. Just visit your nearest airport, and see if you can get a good idea of the ones coming and going. So many of those have a passport on them, now multiply this ten fold. Because this wont be in one general area it will be a multitude of areas, and sure wont be very easy to catch. Bye the time you find out the damage is already done. You are at great risk if you feel otherwise.

RFID Cards Get Spin Treatment

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