Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Think about it


We live in a society to where a child does not decide on what to eat by the type of the food with their meal... They decide on what to eat by the toy that comes with their meal.

We live in a society that doctors decide what drugs we will take by the perks from the company's that make them.

Consumers choose prescription medicines by which of the drug companies can put out the most TV ads in one month.

Poverty is still acceptable because if it weren’t, no one in the USA would be living in poverty.

It's still ok and acceptable for our elderly and children to do without needed medical. Because if it wasn't acceptable then at least the richest Nation in the world could afford to take care of their own Nation's medical needs.

Our nation eats the most filler, preservatives, and processed food of any other nation.

It was shown that when the USA fast foods became available to other nations, along with the processed foods. Their people started having and showing signs of more diabetes, heart problems, obesity, etc. Yes some of these country’s spoil their children because they are a one child family mandated by their country. But clearly it has been noticed that more health problems have cropped up since fast food, and other quick to prepare foods have made it to the western markets, and drive through.  Do your own research on this.  I am not sure if you could call this a cover up by the USA.  Not when this is in the news all the time.  Some claim it is, and you just don't see it.  If you ever wanted to find out how they affect you... then eliminate these foods from your diet, give yourself three months, and don't forget to use those scales before and after.  Then decide if your health is better or not, and your family's.  Another thing to note if you try this is to remember the word "Moderation". 

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