Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Woman sues video game manufacturer (I say throw the lawsuit out!)

Here is a grandmother with a 14 year old grandson whom she bought a game for that had a mature rating.  Well here is a website that tells you what each of the game ratings are, and the appropriate ages for each rating plus what each of the ratings could have for content.  Game Ratings  Now step up to plate the lawsuit the grandmother filed on the makers of the game Grand Theft Auto.  Read about lawsuit here   
Throw it out because even the mature rating states it is meant for people 17 and up, and the game could contain sexual content, or does contain sexual content. 
Come on people!  they release the games with the ratings for a reason! You don't by a game for a kid under 17 that is for mature audiences, and then sue the manufacturer because your too stupid to pay attention to the ratings, or just too damn lazy to pay attention to them.  Or give in to a child because they want the game.  If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen!  parents have to take responsibility for their own actions. 
This lawsuit should be thrown out because the wrong age group is suing.  People who meet the age requirements for the ratings on the game itself should be allowed to sue if they care to do so.   But if you bought a game for your kids that are not the proper age displayed on the box then I am sorry you're shit out of luck folks in my book.    

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