Thursday, December 01, 2005

The RIAA suicide pact

I don't play that many of my cds on my computer.  I have maybe 10 of my cds on my computer out of the 30+ cds I own.  I do have a Linux box and a Windows box.  I have less of my Cds on my Linux box. 
I believe this article makes sense though.  But he did miss one point that he should of made and I haven't seen too many make a point of posting on it.  That is the copyright that is in place does allow the copying of your owned cds, it also allows you to sell the cds if you don't want them anymore.  It also states that you own the cd. 
I can't help to think that one of these days all of this will backfire in the RIAA face.  All of this hardening down will come back to haunt them.  I never plan to buy another Sony product.  I may never put another cd on my boxes.  I may just switch to (gasp) radio or satellite feed.  The RIAA and DRM may get their wish.  People will stop buying the cds because like me they don't want either of them planting a damn thing on their computers.  It's obvious to me that Sony was sneaking it in.  How many others will try to sneak it in?  No on my watch, and not on my computers. Sony taught me one thing, and that is not to trust the music industry. I don't believe I am the only one that learned this.  So Sony and the rest of them may harden things a bit.  But in the end it could turn out to be their suicide.  In the end the customers decide how far they can drive that stake into the heart of their customers.  The customer is always right.

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