Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sony's EULA

Is Sony's EULA to restrictive? Do you feel they are taking advantage of consumers? Read this: Sony's EULA
My thoughts:
Sony has no rights to the cd when you purchase it.  This is outlined in a CD music copyright protection act that was written for both the copyright owners of the cd and the consumers.  You do not "license" it!  It will be far fetched for the Copyright office to change this law now.  We have had this law a long time, and it has served the public well.  I just can't see Sony coming along and writing a Eula that is so restrictive towards the consumer. It's degrading too.  The copyright office should be coming along and telling them to back up and regroup it's a music CD not a software program. Sony is clearly taking this too far.  As I have said in the past there are quite a few EULAs that abuse the public. Sony's is one of them.  I believe the copyright office should be telling Sony to change the EULA or the music CD's can't be copyrighted. I believe the copyright office should also come out and announce to the public that Sony's EULA is invalid. Sony's rootkit was installed on many computers without their consent.  Regardless if you agreed or not to Sony's EULA the rootkit was installed on your computer.  Many consumers do not know this.  Hopefully now they do. I hope so... Their computers are at risk.  

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