Monday, January 16, 2006

Fears raised over digital rights

"A UK consumer watchdog has called for new laws to protect users' rights to use digital music and movies."
"Consumers face security risks to their equipment, limitations on their use of products, poor information when purchasing products and unfair contract terms"
I have said all along to myself that the consumer was getting a bum deal.  Plus it seems as though the EULAS were getting ridiculous.  I don't think they should end on just music and movies but also include software.  All digital content.  Grab all of them by the heels. Think how they are hurting everyone all because of their greed, and unfair use polices. The software industry is getting out of hand too.  There are no laws in place. They can pretty much say as they please in the EULAS and the consumer has to bite their upper lip, and deal with it, or not make the purchase.  What few laws that are in place for the purchase of Cds are being ignored by the manufacturers. After Sony's little stunt, you now can add to this security risk, and illegal downloading to a consumers computer. The software industry needs to be regulated. Consumers have rights too, and it just seems as though the consumer has taken a back seat when it comes to their music, movies, and software. It's all about the manufacturers, to hell with the consumers. Also I really do hope that the United States, or everywhere for that fact, also has the common decency to come up with their own "fair users rights" laws. 

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