Friday, January 13, 2006

Consumers warned to avoid Brazilian diet pills

I am right up with the rest of the Americans wondering... "How will I purchase the medicine I need, and be able to eat too every month?"  This can't be sugar coated because this problem of medicine being too expensive has been going on for years now.  The Government is not helping us that much.  They are only turning a already problem into a nightmare. 
My heart is sad because I saw a lady on TV asking how will she get her medicine this month because her paperwork has not showed up as of yet, and the help she was receiving told her she was on her own now. 
I am in the same boat as she is in.  My paperwork has not arrived either.  I signed up for something that I have no clue to what or whom they are, and what to expect.  All I know is for now on my free samples will not be coming anymore, and signing up for the different drug companies is not a option that my doctor supports anymore.  At least its not supported if you are on Medicare.  I am about to sink here because I know I am up creak without a paddle.  There is no one I can go to keep from drowning.
If I had the money myself I would help the women I saw on TV, and other people like her.  Her meds are precious to her.  They keep her alive.  It's going to be a cold winter this year.  Many will freeze to death.  Those that don't freeze will die because their meds stopped coming.  
I just hope and pray they don't go to the internet to find their prescriptions, and end up in worse shape than what they are in.  Overseas the drug companies (or so I heard) are known to put additives in the drugs that can cause heart, kidney, and liver failure.   
So basically we're having to pick our poison wisely.  Those that do have a option should be thankful.  They are truly blessed.  The rest of us are screwed like usual.

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