Saturday, June 10, 2006

Microsoft Changes WGA Following Spyware Allegations

When I was young ... and I am sure others who read this have heard this saying too. I was taught "if you can't take the heat then stay out of the kitchen".  This is a good saying for Microsoft to embrace.  You can't teach the public to not install a product if its clearly not outlined what all the product does, and you can't tell them they can't opt out if they don't like what the product does.  There is no way.  We need the public and the software industry to embrace the same rules.  Not even a Operating System is above the law. yes you have a Operating System to protect.  But that's all you have to protect.  let the other software makers protect their own property.  You are trying to embrace too much Microsoft.  It's not for you to protect everyone. 
"Privacy is about transparency and choice -- telling the consumer what data you collect, how you collect it, what you do with that data, and whether the consumer can opt out of some of those activities," said Penn. "Microsoft needs to embrace these as guiding principles for all its software and services."

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