Monday, June 05, 2006

ways of protecting your identity

I am often asked what the surest way to protect your identity online, and on your computer?  Answer: (Some wont like my answer)  Don't go online. Or if this is not possible, restrict the websites and businesses to the amount of information they have on you online and offline.  But still this is no guarantee that your identity will be safe.  Greed and human error causes the most identity thefts.

The most safest of ways is for the Government to restrict access to our personal information.  Plus those that do have access should be forced to protect our information better.  I mean blunt force with the heaviest of fines imposed on those that don't.  Perhaps even the loosing of a license to have our personal information on file is also in order?  In other words you have to pay for a special license in order to have full access to certain information, plus inspections, and so on in order to store our personal information.  If you don't pass inspection then you get no license, and if a surprise inspection is carried out and you fail, if you have these computers networked and online or even local, they must be shut down, or taken off the net, fixed and pass a inspection before you are allowed to go back online.  Plus all of the special licenses are public, so that way a person can check the data base and know exactly what the business can ask for, and have a public record of their inspection.  This will get rid of quite a bit, or all the fraud going on I believe.  Also anyone with access with your personal information should not have a personal license to handle your information if they have been convicted of any crime, or have debts, or any type of lean against them.  They must be in good standing.  This should be across the board in good standing regardless if they are local or political figures, or Government, etc.  They have to be completely biased.  Plus carry their own license in order to run their business handling your personal information. 


I was told this wouldn't work because it was time consuming.  Horse chit! It's our information that we are loosing.  Our lively hoods going down the drain.  We should be protecting it at all cost. 

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