Friday, August 04, 2006

Iowa Supreme Court upholds HIV-spreading conviction

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- A man convicted of having unprotected sex with four people while knowing he carried the virus that causes AIDS was denied appeals Friday by the Iowa Supreme Court.

The court said Adam Donald Musser, who is serving 50 years in prison for criminal transmission of HIV, deserved a long sentence because intentionally exposing someone to the virus "is just like the first-degree robber who attempts to inflict serious injury on his victim."

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 CNN: Iowa Supreme Court upholds HIV-spreading conviction

Iowa has good sense.  The only way to stop the spread of this in the USA is to hand over a long sentence for exposing someone to the virus, after they had already found out they had the deadly and very costly disease and then upholding the conviction.  Being firm is the way to handle this. This has nothing to do with free speech or the pursuit of happiness.  It has to do with the protection of the public.

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