Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Terms of Service and Our First Amendment Rights

When our First Amendment rights were created it was done because our forefathers had the mindset to know that one day our Rights as individuals in our nation would one day be challenged.  It seems as though yet another city has challenged our First Amendment Rights.  I think the nation as a whole and the public at large should back off trying to smash out our First Amendment rights.  They only are doing this because they see our own President doing this sort of thing, and doing his best to get away with it.  So far he hasn't been able to get away with smashing our Rights as USA citizens. 
If they are not careful... They could be on the verge of creating a civil war in the USA.  Lets be fair here.   First Amendment rights have been in force far longer than any individual living in the USA.  Once people learn and see what they are giving up, there will be war in them hills.  The USA Government brought this on themselves.  This is only a power struggle among a few.  But it's one hell of a power struggle that could get nasty for the Courts, and the public at large.  Pick your battles wisely.   Give up on stomping on our First Amendment rights.  You wont win this battle. Hell will freeze over, and little devils will ice skate before American's will allow that to happen.

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