Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Global Warming

Yes there is global warming.  But some of this is due to our own earth's cycle.  I don't doubt we need to change.  But people like Al Gore look at Americans like it is their fault.  It's not.  Look in our stores, look at what we are being offered for fuel, and look at the laws that are in place for recycling.  We are offered, and so we purchase.  It's not like our own Government hasn't stepped up to the plate and said things are changing.  They are not.  New fuels are not being developed, and marketed fast enough.  New incentives are not being developed fast enough.  Plus it doesn't look like the oil company's will give up this without a fight.
Instead of asking us to purchase the new longer lasting energy efficient light bulbs, offer those only and take the ones off the market that don't meet energy efficient standards. Same could be said for all appliances, and automobiles.  We can only do so much.  If our supplies dealers, and such isn't offering the better energy efficient.  Don't blame us.  Plus the price on some of these goods is outrageous. If the old stuff is fazed out, then it makes sense that the new energy efficient stuff will drop in price to a reasonable level.  Fix it!  By the way... Don't forget to go after the "other" Countries that are offering less than energy efficient too.  It's a world effort. The United States can't handle this alone.  Faze out the stuff that doesn't meet the energy efficient standard guidelines.  Don't permit a US company to even ship out the product overseas unless it's energy efficient.
Stop hounding US citizens because of global warming.  We didn't create the problem. If you are so worried about it then do something about it, and stop your nagging. 

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