Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jungle secrets: 52 new species found in Borneo's 'Lost World'

For once we get a treat.  Get your eyes focused, and head over to the website below.  Some never seen before photos of animals never known to exist on earth are awaiting you.  Gather the children, they will be treated too.

More than 50 new species of animals and plants that have never been seen before have been discovered in a 'Lost World' on the island of Borneo in just 18 months, say scientists.

Among them are two tree frogs, a whole range of plants and trees and 30 brand new types of fish including a tiny one less than a centimetre long and a catfish with an adhesive belly that allows it to stick to rocks.

Be sure to click on: GALLERY: Borneo's magical inhabitants for even more pictures on the page below.  Jungle secrets

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