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China Woes

China ships stuff over to the United States regularly.  For over many years now they had many recalls on items made in China shipped to the United States.  They were practically sending poison to the United States.  From what I gather nothing much was done about it except just the recall, and maybe a slap on the hand so to speak. 
Now the United States realizes they have a Chinese Counterfeit problem that is out of control. But really it is not the United States Government that notices that Chinese Counterfeits are out of control, it is the US manufacturers that have noticed this.  The United States Government haven't done anything about this problem.  Plus they have not asked China to clean up their act or else we will fine you big.  Basically, no Country has told China to clean up their act or else.
You can read here about the problem, and lack of help combating counterfeit goods: Chinese Counterfeits Costly to US Economy   
From what I gather, China acts as though they have no trade rules.  They are free to do what ever they like.  They answer to no one, if they get caught so what.  Make, and play nice, and keep putting out those Michael Jordan shoes, and Gucci bags, and poisoned perfumes, and lead filled child toys.  
"American entrepreneurs in the movie, software, and electronic industry, including most U.S. manufacturing companies, have faced an ever increasing deluge of counterfeit products for which they hold intellectual property rights."   
Who can help but to think what would happen to someone in the United States that got caught doing this sort of thing! By the time these same companies got through with you ... You would be filling for bankruptcy, and or serving time in a Federal prison.
More from the website:
"What the CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency) calls fakes do not only violate intellectual property rights, or take jobs away from the rightful manufacturers, but also often contain components that harm the consumer.

In particular, "some of the fakes [perfumes] have been found to contain contaminated alcohol, antifreeze, urine, and harmful bacteria. Additionally, these fakes infringe on intellectual property rights, impugning the reputation of companies and taking jobs away from legitimate industries," according to the CBP."  
Cadmium is one of the contaminates.  This poison can cause bone loss, brittle bone, and multi fractures, kidney failure,  severe respiratory problems, or failure. etc.  This poison was put in toys. In 2007 China shipped food with high lead content in them.  2007 was a nightmare for Americans.  Every other day there was a recall on goods from China.  107 total through June of that year.  Total recalls for the year of 2007 were 447.  Read here to see how bad it was.  The last six months of 2007 there was 340 recalls. I know many heads were spinning, and parents everywhere did not know which way was up, because the recalls were fast paced.  Food, pet food, housing materials, toys, furniture, you name it, there probably was a recall. 298 of those recalls were from China.
Here is the list of just toys recalled for the years 2007 and 2008
The list does not include other poisons, and contaminants for other type products.
Hold on to your jaw!

The CPSC recalled a total of 447 products in 2007 for safety concerns. Of those, 298 were manufactured in China. Only 62 were made in the USA. The rest were made in other countries.

In 2006, the CPSC recalled a total of 467 kinds of products – 221 of which were Chinese imports. Only 113 were for products made in the USA.

As recently as 2002, the figures were virtually reversed – with 150 U.S. made products being recalled and just 99 from China.

The FDA inspectors reported tainted food imports from China that were being rejected with increasing frequency because they are filthy, are contaminated with pesticides and tainted with carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs, and or poisons.

Why is this happening?  Because China has no restrictions on pollution.  They do not have a body of water, or a piece of land in China that is not polluted with one thing, or another, or several things. The whole country has treatment plants to handle only 45% of sewage etc for the entire country.  To combat their pollution, they use drugs in fish, or animals to keep them healthy.  Some of those drugs are banned in the USA.  Other drugs are permitted, but the USA only allows so much of the drug in animals, fish, seafood, etc. 

Think about this.  What would you do if you was in the place of this family below?
Retired police officer William Morgan of Williamsburg, VA, lost his home to foreclosure after the family was forced to relocate because of defective Chinese-manufactured drywall in his home, essentially rendering their home unsafe, and worthless. In 2009 83 percent (312) of the 377 recalls announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission were from foreign manufacturers.
Here is the total list. (This is a pdf)
The saddest thing of all?
The United States allows it, and does a mediocre inspection of what is coming in.  For the most part there is no way for Americans to sue.  At last known, only a mere 6 to 8% may be less, or a little more is actually inspected when it enters the United States.  It is only when something goes very wrong that the United States goes into high gear to find out why people are getting sick, or the reason adults, infants, and children died. Plus they do not inspect well to see if goods are Counterfeit. Their excuse is there is just too much coming in to the USA to be able to inspect it all.  So we have poisonings that many people never get over, some are sick for the rest of their lives.  We have deaths of all ages, we have loss of property, and finally we have losses in the manufacturing industry do too Counterfeit items.  The major contributor to all of these problems is China.
U.S. food imports rarely inspected
As Imports Increase, a Tense Dependence on China
If it says....  Made in China
Don't buy it, because you are at the mercy of China's dirty manufacturing industry.
or else...
Woe to everyone in the United States including your children.

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