Friday, October 29, 2010

Crooks Improvise and Seek, and some Police may ignore

"16 times in the last 25 days of October criminals have scoured fridges, cabinets, even concession stands. And so far this month crooks have snatched consumable goods out of two cars. They went looking for money and technology but took anything they could get their hands on including food and drinks. " Crooks stealing consumable goods: beer, food 
This is just one story, but this is happening more often all over the United States.  Instead of crooks going after just certain items that they can sell. They now steal from you on the street even if you just have a grocery bag, or a happy meal. Why? Because America has a influx of homeless.  What comes with homeless is the inability to get a job.  Either because there are none to be found, or because even if the person got the job, they are homeless, and not many will keep the job if they have no roof over their head soon after.  "Think" being able to keep uniforms, or clothing clean, their own bodies clean, at least two meals a day, and somewhere to sleep at night until they are able to get back on their feet again.  They may have the job but many lose it because they can't tend to their basic needs during those critical months.
Crimes also are rising.  Some of this is because of lack of police officers.  many cities no longer respond to certain crimes in their cities because they don't have the officers to cover every crime happening. So they ignore them.  Suffer These Crimes in Oakland? Don't Call the Cops Many cities don't even report to their citizens what they ignore, the people don't find out until they are a victim.  Instead the police dispatcher, or 911 service tell their citizens to make a report online, or come to their precinct. The biggest thing that Counties tell their citizens is to "Arm themselves".  Ohio official tells residents to 'arm themselves' amid police cuts This is not just Ohio, this is everywhere.
The fact is Cities are going bankrupt.  So they don't have the money to pay for the personnel that people are accustomed too.  So all cities, and county workers are suffering right now from layoffs.  This will not get any better.  It will get worse.  The fact is a city is a poor place to be living in right now.  What ever you do, stay off the streets at night. 
If you do get asked by someone for the basics like food, or clean clothes, and they are nice.  (Not forcing you at gun point.)  Please try to help them out what little bit you can.  The only way we can all get through these hard times, is if we ALL help each other.  If you are being robbed, give them the food, and clean clothes trying to be a hero is not worth it.  Losing you life over a little food, and clothing is really stupid. 

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