Monday, January 31, 2005

Texas legislature is going too far!

First I want to direct your attention to this Editorial I didn't know which to do when I read this. I mean think about it folks today your children get marks for being good in school which is a good idea IMO. But years from now if this passes, schools will be able to grade not only your childs BMI, but also whom they hang with what they eat, and their habits rather if they are good habits or bad. What right do schools have putting these marks on a report card for all to see? Lets see these schools marks first before you pass judgment on a student. Where do these schools rank? Do they have a good PE curriculum for the students? Do they even have PE? How about sports? Who will guarantee that this wont hurt the students in the long run? I mean children today already have Ads on tv and in magazines flaunting 98 pound soaking wet beautys. And clothing stores cater to the anorexia bods. On the side of craziness, a few other laws in other states are just as nuts as this. Like this one: This one school doesn't take into consideration of a students pass time in the summer. So they have their kids do homework all summer long. Your asking what is wrong with that? Plenty. Seeing many parents who run their own business. It's the only time these parents can play catch up and have their kids there to do either the menial task, etc. Plus it is their time with their familys. Regardless if the student is six or seventeen. It's quality time to a parent. Yes I know summer vacation last on average of three months. Yes I also know that some students may get the added benefit of extra homework. But shouldn't that be a elective?

Open your eyes people and take a stand. This stuff may be sneeking up on you now, but later on it will be a reality.

Come on people we are getting enough dictatorship in this country of ours. Tell them to Leave OUR Children alone!

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