Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Intranet security is far worse than people think

They have laws for people that break into and steal the data. But where are the laws that tell the business they "have to" protect our data by using encryption, limiting those working for them the access to our data, and punishing those that blatantly don't use, or care about how they store our information?

It is just a matter of time now that a company will go belly up because they had no remorse for the data they stored, and someone was able to get to our information they stored in their database with little or no effort on their part.

Should we wait and see if this happens? NO! This will happen. For now the larger companies with major cash flows were hit, and customers info was stolen. Some they lost data because of a con artist was able to pay for it, by a willing employee within the company. Others it was a security breech within the company's database that allowed someone to steal thousands of the customers personal records.

It's a blatant attitude of a company that uses an attitude of "I don't care" I do just what I have too, and no more. This type company will be hit in probably less than three years. Plus it will go belly up because of it. There are plenty of these type company’s out there. They don't care because there are no laws in place to say they have to use every means to protect the database that stores our personal records. So they don't protect it.

There are plenty of security methods available to protect a database. So explain to me why they are not using them? Could they be that damn lazy? I have to say yes. I have heard horror stories from many people talking about how their employer doesn't care. He only wants to get to the information with the least amount of headaches.

So the consumer has to deal with the business that wants to operate with the least amount of headaches. Mean while our lively hoods are at stake. It looks as though the Government will wait again for "it" to happen. What ever happen to plan ahead? If our personal information is so important to the Government, then why wait for this to happen?

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