Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Was it bend over? or Open mouth insert foot?

Then read this:  Mozilla hits back  I was asked by someone to write a blog about this.  They was interested in what I had to say. So here it goes folks.
I don't believe that Symantec's head of threat intelligence EMEA  Graham Pinkney did his homework at all.  If your going to be top dog on any job, at least make sure that the reports you release to the public reflect that you have a head on your shoulders, you have done your homework, and are professional at all times.  
It was very clear that he didn't have the whole story on the subject of security risk for browsers.  His story makes me think he had a even more alternative motive behind the warning. 
I don't mean to cast doubt on any person that has a very critical job to do each day. So what could of gone wrong?  Maybe he made two reports, and grabbed the wrong one?  Maybe his fingers were itching, and he had to use the keyboard  ... I mean he had to type something right?  Perhaps he was sick the day the report was written up, and accidentally gave it to a intern, instead of his secretary?   Maybe he is biased after all, and will say anything to give Bill Gates a helping hand? last but not least...  Perhaps even Graham Pinkney thinks he has to put the scare into the public so they will keep purchasing the Symantec products?
All of these are just maybes.  But I maybe think he jumped the gun, and now he looks like a total idiot. He might of thought it was a good report, but now the news, and the public are having a field day kicking his butt.  
BTW I want to commend the fine man  Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla in Europe.  It's nice to know we still have one president in this world with a head on their shoulders.  Notice the man didn't bash too?  He just laid out the facts.  Thank you  Tristan Nitot! 

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