Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina survivors

It's been a week now since Katrina left her deadly path behind.  For some of those who survived the ordeal.  The flashbacks may have started because before they were rescued they only had one thing on their mind and that was "Survival". 
It is very important for all the family's to know that even though your children may look picture perfect.  They may not be.  Yes children have a resilience that all adults wish they had.  A bounce back affect, and a means to conform to their surroundings.  But because of what they went through.  Some wont talk about it.  Others, will be told not to talk about it.  They will be told to hush it's in the past now, so move on. 
It's important for all adults to know that your children were seeing the aftermath of hurricane Katrina from their eyes.  Not yours.  Their understanding of the aftermath will not reflect the same meanings, nor will they recall the devastation in the same light as you had.  They are children.  So they will recall things differently. 
Don't shun their recalling of the devastation.  Don't tell them to hush because it's over with now. 
It's not over with now.  Before they were in survival mode just like you was.  Now the feelings as well as the memories will come out.   Be there for them.  Don't tell them what they saw.  Let them tell you. Their recollection will be far different from yours. They have little eyes.  Their little eyes will forever have Katrina etched in their minds.  Even the smallest of the survivors have a story to tell.  They will be forever etched in the landscape as the survivors of katrina.  Just like you will be.  You will always have a story to tell, and so will your children.  Be a listener.

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