Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Want to buy some info?

For years now I have watched the Tech World struggle with theft of peoples information.  I have heard it all.  From "At least they only hit the wireless community." to "They are actively suing these people, so at least they are trying to stop it." 
Well if you agree with those statements, then you might as well sell your own information to the ones that want it so bad.  You don't need a middle mans help.  Why not you get paid instead of the middle man? 
Your info is very valuable to those whom want it.  It's so valuable to where employees are even willing to steal it from their places of work. So how could the statements above be wrong?  Two reasons off the top of my head leads me to believe you still need to worry. 
First reason is most Tech related businesses these days do a lot of business multi tasking when it comes to what they offer their customers.  Some offer just cable.  Others offer cable and broadband.  But a third could offer cable TV, broadband, and wireless.   
So the more you have as a customer the more info they could have on you.  They may offer you a great bundle, and a great price cut.  But perhaps this is putting you more at risk?  After all folks they have control of everything from your TV set to your phone.  So they could not only have just a password, they could have your phone number, email address, credit card number, social security number...   the list goes on. 
So now lets look at the second statement.  What is wrong with this?  Plenty folks.  If they are suing all the time, then it means they are not patching the vulnerable areas.  One time is a lesson learned, but twice is a "shame on them".  
Now I have my own statement for which none of the business sect will like at all. 
If the business does not say they have taken extra steps to protect your information.... DROP THEM! If a business keeps having the same area compromised DROP THEM!
It's time folks for the consumer to take back control of their personal information.  After all if the business sect wont do it then who will?  We shouldn't have to deal with this on a month by month basis.  Not if they want our business.  We should not be treated in this manner folks.  We deserve better than this.  plus our very livelihoods are at stake too. 
Why so harsh?  Because this has been in the news and worn out to a frazzle each and every month, and year for at least the last five years.  Businesses already know this problem exist.  We have excused them enough folks its time for us to take a stand.  I am also sorry too for having to say this Verizon, but if someone proves that this has happened before in your company,  then I believe a class action suit should be brought against you also for failure to protect the data. 

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