Saturday, February 18, 2006

Forget Businesses, Houston Police Chief Wants Security Cameras In Your Home

Well It was proposed that all homes in the Houston area have security cameras.  I kind of believe that Chief in Houston has lost his marbles.  One could also say he has piss for brains.  Sorry folks this is totally wrong.  It's one thing to protect a business, but quite another when your home is invaded.  I see no purpose what so ever for this to be in the home.  It should be a voluntary effort instigated by the home owner that could quite possibly have a lot to loose. I am just curious also just where this Chief feels these cameras should be placed in the home?  Bad idea all around regardless.
On another note these cameras are being installed  in public places everywhere without your knowledge.  They apparently don't need your permission to install them in a public place.  Some areas have as many cameras as they do street lights.  (hint) 
I would like to point out one thing to the public.  Right now having these cameras looks like a good thing.  It supposedly increases security. In the past all things that start out sounding good, ended up a nightmare in some form or another.  First one camera, now thirty.  Then the home, and finally you find out you can't do nothing your privacy is totally gone.  It always starts small, then becomes a nightmare.  This technology sounds good.  It can help business, but wanting to place it in your home borders on privacy issues that right now you may or may not care about, but later you will.  Be careful what you wish for.  You don't want to be placed in the history books for the one that took one of our nations Constitutional rights away from us.  Generations to come will hate your family name.  People everywhere may spit on you, and call you names.  Plus the generation that allowed it to happen will be hated also.
Privacy is one of the things that Americans may not say out loud they care about. But let them loose it, or let that be threatened and see how quick they come out of the wood work. God help us all if the American public turn a blind eye to this.

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