Friday, February 24, 2006

KATRINA Lessons Learned

While most sat and waited for the Government to come bail them out of their mess. A great many also didn't wait on Uncle Sam's help.  They dug in and helped themselves.  
I don't want you to get me wrong.  Many of the katrina victims had no means to help themselves.  They were dirt poor to start with, and many of them didn't even have transportation.  The select few that did, either left the area, or chose to stay not realizing what was fixing to happen.
I had talked to a victim of katrina, and there was no one telling them they had to leave.  A good majority that did stay behind were not forced to do much of anything to protect themselves.  It was like the whole State had no clue.
It was true that Katrina did not bring the levy's down.  The storm surge did, along with  the large amount of rain.  The flood created after the levy's broke did the damage. 
But, it was knowledge that all residents knew that the area they lived in was like a big bowl.  New Orleans was in this big bowl.  As everyone knows... that is a disaster fixing to happen. 
So now they came out with a report stating everything that went wrong, and the few things they did right. 
I wont sugar coat this.  I will just come out and say it.  The Government can try to get it right next time, and residents everywhere if you want to depend on them, that is your choice.  But next time the world crumbles around your feet, and your not ready for the aftermath.  I don't believe the world will be so sympathetic.  Don't wait on Uncle Sam.  Sit down and make your plans now.  Set aside money, and rations, so if you need them, you will not have to depend on anyone.  Even a weeks worth of rations, and a $100.00 cash is better than none at all.  As you can see.  Even with the report below, everyone is willing to put the blame on someone else.  But it need not be you next time they blame, and as much as everyone thinks it wont happen.  Next time the blame may be on the town, and its residents, instead of the Federal, and State Government. Don't get caught in the blame game.  Look out for you.  This is not just New Orleans either, this is every resident in the USA.  Because unlike anything else they may happen at home, you never know where the next disaster will happen.  It could be your town too suffer a Katrina.

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