Thursday, January 06, 2005

Internet Consumers Don't Care?

On the Internet you never know whom you are conversing with. Or so that is the buzz online. But here is BUZZ I hear all the time about consumers online. "They don't care” As long as their computer gets them from point "A" to point "B" they could care less about the small stuff. The fact is small stuff is not really ALL that small. The consumer hasn't got a clue. They use every means they have at their disposal to get online, and check out everything they are interested in. Then they go in "stop mode” or "dull mode” If it doesn't fancy them they don't care. They only complain when something doesn't go right for them.

Gosh I wish I had a dime from every consumer that asked me " You can do that online?" "The net is or can be a dangerous place?" “My computer isn't secure?" Then they go on to say... "Well I haven't been hurt yet, and as for my computer, the only complaint I have right now is it's too slow” Or "I get these stupid popups only, and I guess I can live with that if I want to be on the Internet." OH! And the classic one is TA DA! "That security stuff is for people that have far more important stuff or information on their computer than what I have."

Lets look at TV temporarily... On TV they push everything from fast food to washing powders. You rarely see a commercial for anything related to your computer other than just the ISP commercials. Occasionally you might see a commercial for Firewall or anti-virus software. Even for a computer itself. But the majority of commercials are for everyday items of necessity for the home as in cleaning products, baby products, and personal products. Why is that? Because they sell that's why. Day time and prime time commercials are geared towards what sells the most. Those are prime spots. They can pay dearly for an Ad on some of the shows. A majority of them are geared towards who may be watching that TV program.

It would be nice if more of the online security software vendors advertised their security software during these TV Ad slots. Perhaps maybe even giving the viewers tips on why they need the software. How important the software is. Etc.
I am right in saying; "Internet consumers don't care." They don't care because not enough emphasis is put onto these products. So they get the assumption that the software is not that important. Tide is important, so are an ISP, and where your next meal from a fast food place is going to be. But, an anti-virus software and a firewall isn't because those advertisements are almost non existent. Show that the security software is important by advertising them on tv, and you will see a increase of consumers that "Will care". They will check into securing their boxes then because the products are advertised as important on TV. A last thought is... It's the head of household, the Mom and the Dad, and the kids that watch TV. They also are the same ones that use the computer. Regardless the time slot they all need to see these new commercials. Not the late night info commercials time slot. So vendors advertise 24/7 not at 3am when everyone is a sleep, or could care less what is on the TV.

And no people this is not a AD for all the vendors, it is just a way for them to be able to get the word out on the real important stuff for computers. Plus a way for consumers to know how important it is.

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