Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Internet use to be fun what happened?

My very first post and the very first subject is on the Internet itself. Five years ago I joined the millions of Internet users. I now own two computers. I run both Linux Mandrake, and Windows XP each on their own box. I won't candy coat this. When I first came online the only thing I really had to worry about was setting up, Installing a firewall and a anti-virus software and downloading other cool software I was interested in. Now days... I have to worry about spyware, adware, Trojans, viruses, worms, script kiddies, EULA’s, DRM, spam, Internet safety for family members, and the list goes on.

Somewhere along the line a few select people decided to take the word "fun" out of the Internet. It's a chore to secure your computer, it's a chore keeping spam out of the inbox, and it’s a chore just to log on the Internet now. Of course if you don't worry about these things, then your box is not secure. But I just wonder where the line eventually will be drawn? How much is enough? What will it take to bring computers into the 21st Century because as a whole the laws made to protect us so far have not helped that much. How much is just too much Buzz when it comes to protecting the rights of Software makers? What about consumers rights? Lets work on the consumers rights for a change please. 2005 can be a very good year for consumers only if the right people listen and act on their behalf for a change.


Scarlett said...

I agree, I spent the entire Saturday past, doing file mainenance for various things. I have other things I could be doing than spending the day preparing my computer to be protected against the enemy.

WeeBit said...

Agree if this keeps up, people will be leaving the computer alone. The only one to be messing with them will be the geeks again.