Thursday, January 13, 2005

Some say security for your box is a joke

Yup and in the eyes of maybe Bill Gates, and the many security software I am sure they are not laughing.

But lets eliminate Bill Gates and the many security software vendors and look at the users themselves for a moment.

Most of the users themselves have a very vague idea about securing their box. Perhaps this is because a great majority of them receive them as gifts over the holidays, or because they see their friend, or family member doing cool things on their computer and they just have to have one. But they have no clue at what awaits them online.

I have seen a few changes from some of the vendors selling computers to the consumer. A few have started to include a option for buying a Firewall and anti-virus software during the purchase of the new computer. But what good is that if they don't know how to use them? Or if they don't know how important they are? I would love to see vendors include a software that auto runs on these new boxes that explains why a firewall and anti-virus software is so important. Plus give some general guidelines on how to use them. It would also be a good idea to include information on those critical patches that Microsoft releases. Plus perhaps maybe family tips for security online. What do you think?

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