Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Catholic School Principal To Students: Thou Shalt Not Blog

Well I thought I heard it all, but apparently not.  This does make you wonder why such a strict rule against blogging?  Could it be the school is afraid that a student could blog one of their dirty little secrets?  I don't agree with MTV on one part of this news article though.  Just because a student goes to a private school does not mean their rights are void.  If their rights were void then prisoners would not have the right to sue for such violations.  Even though their school is private, doesn't mean they are any less of a American.  MTV should of gotten down right dirty with this story, and got to the heart of the matter of what really is going on.  On a personal note once my child hits the front door from school other than homework and activities related to sports at school etc, school is on the back burner.  The principal, the school, or any one affiliated with it doesn't run my household, neither do they pay my bills so they can butt out.  They are truly taking matters too far.  MTV was too nice to them in that article.  See link below.

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