Wednesday, October 05, 2005

RFID Conspiracy

While a good majority of Americans sit at home with their posh surroundings. A few companies have developed a way to track your every move.  It's called RFID chips.  While most will brush this off and claim a majority of people are trying to blow this out of proportion.  I just want to remind those idiots there is no law on the books to protect the public against this new technology.  It has the makings of being the publics worst enemy.  Not only could it track you while you are trying to plan that surprise birthday party for your significant other, it could also cause you to loose a job, open a can of worms with family and associates.  Yup folks your boss could have a legal way to ride your butt on that nine to five job you have. 
If that isn't bad enough for you to take notice of this new technology then maybe this is....
Your Government will have a way to monitor your every move 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Nothing you do will be private.  So if you like to get up and have a stiff drink before going to work.  They will know about it.  If you have a legal case against someone, they will be able to track you and use that information against you in court.  Even if you did nothing wrong.  "The means of making mountains out of mole hills is upon us."  We wont have a life anymore because Uncle Sam and his Assistants will be monitoring us.  So will businesses.  If they don't like what they see they could question you.  You could end up in far more legal battles.  The word "privacy" will be in the history books.  But it wont be a part of our day to day living. 
But it doesn't stop here...
Stalkers could have a better way to stalk the public.  Paparazzi could have a better way to go after the famous.  The means of you hiding the fact that your mom or dad, or even your significant other has a medical condition that you have hid for years will be made public.  
Some one could walk into your home and actually take a audit of your personal belongings.  Years from now they could even try to pass a mandatory scan before your hired for a job.  They could even claim they found something in your home that doesn't meet their standards.     Even if you bought something and never used it.  The act of owning it could keep you from being hired. 
Could this technology help us?  It could if it was used to help find a child that was maybe kidnapped.  It could if your neighbors have no children but they buy children's things in order to entice them into their home to exploit them.  It could if someone bought a poison to kill mom because she's sitting on a few million and wont share.  So good buy mom hello money.  They could have the means to track down who bought the poison.  Or even a gun.  Maybe even the bullets. 
No it wont be used for just the security aspects and purchasing of the products for long. It will be a matter of just a few years before someone gets the bright idea they can snoop into your home too.  If our Government has their way you wont be able to breath without them knowing about it.  Unless something is done now privacy will be a old and ancient word in our vocabulary.  The public will be treated as dumb asses that didin't even know what was comming till it was too late. 
I thought they wanted those barcodes in order to track orders?  So why do they need RFID too? 
Read this:   Spychips Sees an RFID Conspiracy      I advise everyone to get that book too.  

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