Sunday, October 30, 2005

How many times should you pay for software?

I have touched on this subject before. But only on the context of just the fact they are asking too much for their software, and I don't feel they have a right to tell me how long I can use the product.  I believe it is wrong for the software to expire a year later.  Expiring even three years later is wrong.  This does more than force them to upgrade.  It also forces them to upgrade a computer that they may not have the money to fork out cash on.  Computers for many family's are a gift. Or a blessing just to own.  They can't run out and keep purchasing this software over and over again. 
 It was President Bush that said he wanted every home to have a computer, and be wired to the internet.  That may be what he wants.  But if the software industry don't come down out of the clouds and stop their damn fleecing the consumer I don't see computers being something that every family will be able to afford in the future.  We will have the software industry to thank for it too. 
If you own like seven software programs and they all expire within a year, a person could be dishing out well over $600.00 just for the software.  Just to have the right to use it.  Now the upgrades of the software may cause the computer itself to not be compatible with the software so it will have to be upgraded as well.  So by the time you upgrade the computer and the software your dishing out well in excess of what some family's are even dishing out for their autos every year for insurance, and even maintenance.  It's maybe even more than what some are dishing out for their home owners insurance.  Don't forget this will be a every month ordeal for some, or an every other month ordeal for some.  Plus the prices of the software is going up too.   The software industry is killing us.  That is why I said in the past a line has to be drawn, and the software industry has to follow it.  Because eventually people will leave Windows and go for Linux because of the greed in the Windows software market.  That will really Piss Billy off.

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